Forza Motorsport 7 Xbox One X Enhanced thoughts

So I received my One X yesterday, and was insanely excited to boot up Forza 7. I got my brand new OLED LG TV 3 months ago to be ready for this moment. And so far, I have mixed feelings. Allow me to explain.

The cars and roads looks absolutely stunning. Especially going in Autovista, and opening the engine on the Reventon? It’s absolutely mind boggling how beautiful it is, especially the carbon fiber. The skies look better as well, as well as the game feels smoother, and much less jagged edges.

However, it’s not all roses and perfect. The trees are still absolutely abysmal, which, is even MORE noticable now that the rest of the game basically got turned up to 11. So it makes racing on Maple Valley and Nurburgring even more frustrating because see how beautiful the track is, but once you see the trees (which are everywhere on those tracks), it looks like you’re playing Forza Motorsport 1. But unfortunately, that’s not the only issue. The tracks seem to have more vegetation (denser grass and what not), but the pop-in is horrible. It was the first thing I noticed on Le Mans, which was my first race with the One X, which is weird to me, as I don’t recall this being an issue on the One S, which I was playing the other day.

So all in all, it’s a huge step forward, and in no way do I regret my purchase of the game or console. The game has already paid itself off for me, and the console is doing very well at that so far. I just wish they would work on the pop-in, and the trees, for the One X (I understand the One S just can’t handle it, so I’m not saying for the One S). Because unfortunately, they REALLY take away from what is otherwise a breathtaking experience.

Here’s to hoping we might get a texture patch post launch if some sort, as other games have done before, and it does seem Turn 10 has been listening to us with this game post-launch, let’s just hope they keep it up.

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It’s very crisp and while I’ve only had about 20 minutes to play Forza on it it’s definitely very smooth and nice. I did feel the cars looked a little “plastic” looking compare to Pcars2. Might have just been the particular car I was looking at, dunno. I spent most of my time on Pcars2 as it’s “holy freaking cow” amazing with it’s visuals (especially HDR lighting). Forza is definitely nice though but not sure if I’d feel the upgrade was worth it just for Forza given it already looks good and runs smooth on normal xbox. I can update more when I get more time on it. I think there is definitely room for them to add better visuals given they said it only consumed about 70% of the capability of the box. Not sure though you can really expect them to for Forza 7. Probably have to wait for next release.

I have the same problem