Forza Motorsport 7 Wishlist!

I love Forza Horizon 3, why? Because it has some creativity to make it diffrent from other games.

Some say its too similar to Forza Horizon 2, yeah thats right but for new players, Forza Horizon 3 is a waaay better experience.

I liked Forza Motorsport 4 and still do, cause its my first Forza Motorsport game and therefor original to me, however Forza Motorsport 5 and 6 feels exactly the same, just with better graphics and less cool maps than Forza Motorsport 4.

Forza Motorsport needs to be new!! Use Forza Motorsport 6 or Horizon 3 as base graphics and models. Its just features, cars and maps what Forza 6 needs so much more of, then you can call it Forza Motorsport 7 with a new fancy cover car.


  • Horns
    Horns is in Forza Horizon 3, why not just add it to Forza 7, this is however a small thing, but its great to use, like to say hey. Its also good in Free mode, where you simply go free in a location/map.

  • Indicators, to show was in Free mode or to train other people lines in races, or if you have to go in the middle of a race, then you press blinker left and and stop on left side. Warning indicators is most needed of all, if you have to go, warning indicators, turn left. In a crash, turn warning indicators on.

  • Manually do things

With manually do things i mean to do everything by yourself.
Turn on full light, half light and off lights yourself. Choose how fast the windscreen wiper goes and if its gonna be on or off.
Choose what fuel your car is running on, example if its a ethanol copatible car or nitrous for dragsters.
Choose how much fuel you want in the car before race.
And more thinkable things!!!

  • More “Cusomization”

Now you be like ughh, ricer, ughh its a racing game, not Underground 2… ughh bleh bleh

No but i think customization is what makes the games still have some replay abillity[?]
Theres many types of racing, not just track racing, like im never playing with F1 or GT3 cars and those types.
But also with customization i also mean real GT wings, more GT bodykits, let us make ourself GT cars, give us real working bodyparts.

We have had that rear and front Forza Wing and like two skirts to choose from on some cars since like Forza 1, we neeeed more stuff!
It has been always been front, rear, hood, skirt, spoiler. The same model in like 9 games. Give us chance to put on stuff on the roof (i know we can do that (on some cars) but that means we customize hood too), customize fenders, exhausts, headlights, rear lights, interior and more!!

Also make it so that Drag people can have wheelie bars, dragster engines, those bigger wheels in back and all that.
Aswell as rally guys should have rally parts and drifters, drifter parts. Keep and make more bodykits.

  • Tuning

Like customization, we have had same formula since Forza 1 (correct me if im wrong).
We need more upgradable parts we have always had Sport Air Filter, Street Turbo, Race tires, Race springs… What does even Street, Sport, Race, Drag and Offroad things mean?

Lets us choose manufacturers, what you are sponsored from and more, you could say just high end Eibach Springs and Dampers if its Race springs, this would be soo cool, i know it would be hard to do with all manufacturers and all but i would really love this

Let us have more tires like autumn tires, winter/snow tires (like blizzard mountain) and offroad tires in Motorsport 7, makes no sense? Well there is maps like Bernese Alps which needs winter tires… and then offroad tires for my WRC rally idea.

Also not just the upgrade parts but the Tuning section, we have always had the same “adjust tire pressure”, “damping”, “aero”. ect.

We need more tubable things, i cant think of something right now, but i swear Forza has missed something, its impossible that they have everything since Forza 1.

  • Vinyls and Colors

Lets us color brake calipers like in Forza Motorsport 2, let us put stickers/decals/vinyls on the headlights/rear lights. Put vinyls on the side mirrors and on the side of spoilers without it looking weird.
Also huge thing and most needed, put vinyls on the windows. Also being able to color front windscreen which wasnt available in every other Forza for some reason.

  • Make it real.

Its a simulation, let us take care of our cars!
In every other Forza people can just restart when crash, just ram others with no problem and so on.

With Simulation mode on, your car can break and will be broken until you repair it which takes some more time. People in these races will be more clean, except rammers that can make everyone else have a bad time… Tho its a great learning to avoid rammers i guess. Anyways there can be some penality system that prevents ramming.

In simulation you can explode tires, break engine when overreving (make its noticable with some particle effect or something and not just that the engine is red in telementry), making the fuel go faster or slower down depending on rpm and such. Forza 6 did good, keep it, upgrade it and add.

Have a Fh3 like time system so everymap is able to play on night or day, morning or sunset.
In Bernese Alps there should be snowing, but aslo in other places like maps and tracks that are in countries that have snow on the winter, like japanse tracks or swedish tracks.

Another thing is the broken car models, make the cars look broken and make it realistic
If you crash in Horizon 3 you get this huge crack in the windcreen, even tho i crashed just a little bit make it look realistic.

There are more features needed ofcourse, but everthing cant be added in Forza Motorsport 7 i think.

Maps and areas:

Just look everywhere and look what people want, im not that into race tracks but i know people want Motegi and Suzuka circuts.

  • Touge

What i like is touge, we need some real touge.

Bring back Fujimi Kaido better than before with Forza 6 graphics.
Give us also the Fujimi Kaido area which was in Forza Motorsport 2 but removed in Forza Motorsport 3. It was like a little place before Old Uphill starts.
I have seen countless of people want this and im one of them, still playing Forza 4 because of this reason (btw make it bc)
We also need more areas, real areas like Nagano Pass where famous Keiichi Tsuchiya first started street racing.

Other fun places would be Akina (called Hogi or Hogo in real life, dont remember), Akagi, Myogi, Fuji and Usie pass.

  • Rally circuts

Im not good at any rally place names, kinda because im new to it but i think its fun.

You probably say “Buy Dirt rally” but i think Forza Motorsport should be a racing game for everyone.
Making kinda like WRC championships where people can enter, it would be a variant to the Forza Championships that are in Forza 6.
Also all customization parts and painting and stuff is fun to do in Forza Horizon 3 so bring it Forza 7 and make some maps made for rallying.
(this isnt important tho)

  • Other

I dont know really right now what race types that exists with specific race tracks, rally is like the only thing i think of… yeah and touge.

Finally cars, main thing of the game.

  • F1

Add every F1 and Indiecar from before plus more

  • Rally
    add the S1 Quattro, MG Metro and other rally classics, more than exists in Forza Horizon 3

  • Drag
    add dragster cars

  • Cars in General
    add everything from before +
    I want JDM cars the most, but of course im thinking of others so many more cars.

  • Variants

If there is a car like Toyota AE86 add both the Levin and Trueno. Audi Quattro is Sport and Coupe. Mitsubishi Eclipse and Dodge Laser and Eagle Talon. Subaru BRZ, Toyota GT86, Scion FRS. and more!

Add: Add Saab, i know they are basically dead but why cant they be in the game for that.

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I would honestly never use most of the wishes you’ve described.
For me there are far more pressing issues that i would appreciate far more, than being able to adjust the speed of the whippers or turn on the lights manually.

Fix corner cutting, fix dirty drafting, fix ramming, fix pit stops, make custom public leagues, add more tracks, exportable & embedable results & stats, lap times for each lap, sector times, dynamic timing

So many things that are more important in my head, and would be more valuable for more users in the long run.


Yes your right thanks, i added more stuff to my list cause i clicked post without being finished. But its right what you say

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Its a simulation, let us take care of our cars!
In every other Forza people can just restart when crash, just ram others with no problem and so on.

With Simulation mode on, your car can break and will be broken until you repair it which takes some more time. People in these races will be more clean, except rammers that can make everyone else have a bad time…

THIS. SO MUCH THIS. Maintenance is something I highly desire as well. Might make Ferrari afficianados reconsider driving them every race, or drifters from spending premium money on premium wheels all the time. This gives the game so much depth already.

Many people play Forza because it’s a great racing simulator. I’m one of those people and I played many hours in Forza one and two. Sadly I lost interest in sticking with the next games mainly due to the fact that I could rewind. Rewind dealt me a blow to the guts and killed the game for me because it’s supposed to be a simulation and the ability to rewind is not possible in real life so the game becomes just another arcade game. Things like this truly matter and alter the future in a negative way well at least my future because my brain or mind would have the memory of watching my mistakes rewind. I don’t want my mind to even know I am able to rewind but to have all those memories of rewinding crashes… that’s not good in my opinion because that’s not how a real race car drivers mind works and thats the reason I play this game to experience real simulation racing. Leave the rewinding to the imagination and then let me restart just like the originals used to because it makes you smarter that way.

I tried to send a message to the people the make forza around a year ago explaining how I felt about the new rewind feature and the route they are taking but received no reply. Anyways I have a new idea that would really be kick ass.

Make the next forza as close to the original as possible with only one addition. Realistic Simulation mode is the hardest difficulty setting and it incorporates realistic engine, transmission, tire, and suspension damage (ect, ect) just like regular simulation mode except it also locks you to first person view mode. The coolest part about this idea is that you can actually expand upon it and I have created an image for a possible controller layout that will make it clearer.

Being locked to first person has always sucked but if they made it possible to shift around your body and head plus be able to turn your head and experience bumps, g-forces, ect then it should come together and make the game kick some serious ass again.

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PS. One last thing to mention is that there should be no mini map, vehical damage hud, tire wear hud, ect ,ect in realistic simulation mode.