Forza Motorsport 7 Progress not updating for!

So i bought the game a while back now and for about a day or two my progress was updated in the website. but now It hasn’t changed at all??

how can i contact someone that can help me with the progress update? I just about beat the game almost entirely and the website still shows that i have almost nothing unlocked. It has to be some kind of bug since the weekly rewards i get with no problem.

Only my game score is at 450/1,000 and everything else still at zero

I should be at 100% now but nothing updates


the older titles used to only update on Sundays, they may be having some issues with it right now.

i’ve been there before also when i was playing fm2 and fm3. seemed like a month later before both updated.

The only thing that updates anymore is Gamerscore every now and again.
Seeing how they are retiring the Forza Hub on September 15th, 2021 & only able to claim rewards till mid 2022 no real date listed yet I do not see them fixing anything on it.