Forza Motorsport 7 on Forza Rewards

On Forza Rewards, the place where you can redeem credits for playing Forza games every Friday. I have recently come across the rewards home screen, and I have noticed that the FM7 score counter is missing. Please someone get this to someone at Forza…I really want to actually be able to see my game progress on here.

It’s on mine, but it’s not at the top anymore it’s after FM5.

When I click on it though it shows stats for FH. As a matter of fact, none of the gauges show the correct stats. I’d post this over on the Tech Support forum.

It’s not missing. It’s there. I checked mine last week.

However, when I got onto the app on my Xbox last night it looks like a lot of the Forza rewards stuff was down.

It’s there, but it displays stats for FH. Try it again.

I won’t be able to for a few hours. But that doesn’t surprise me that it was all jacked up after being down for a bit. Lol. Seems to be a trend with this game.

^^^^yeah didn’t receive my last credit rewards. Hopefully just a glitch this week. Seems the whole FM landscape was glitchy last little while. I couldn’t log in here, the rewards thing, the Stratos is in the SD somehow…