Forza Motorsport 7 Multiplayer license question.

Hi everyone.

I’m new here so a big HELLO to you all. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of purchasing Forza Motorsport 7 for my PC.

Please forgive me if this is a stupid question but I’ve never played Forza before. I heard that FM7 has split screen multiplayer. Will a friend who doesn’t own a copy of FM7 be able to play it with me or do they have to own a copy of the game themselves too?

Many thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

yes they can but they must be on your pc as well.

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AFAIK there is no split screen on PC.

I don’t have the PC version to confirm so double check to see if it was patched in at some point.

To play split screen on console, you only need one copy of the game.

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Thank you for the replies. :slight_smile:

I would have replied sooner but I didn’t even know you had posted. I thought that I’d get an email notifying me of replies but I didn’t. I looked through my forum settings but it looks very basic with no settings for notification emails.