Forza motorsport 7 issues

Why is it that I pre-order the ultimate edition but I only have part of the game. There is no auction house and no market place plus no forzathon, I thought these kind of things would be ready for the big release day but nothing it feels like it was rushed to get it on the shelf. I started Forza motorsport on number 3 since then I’ve bought all the titles available but since forza motorsport 5 things have gone downhill with no real explanation as to why and that saddens me that such a great team came up with a game, hit the top and now seems to have declined with all the crazy changes that people didn’t want ie: loot boxes and such. Don’t get me wrong I love the game so far but the structure of the game is only half done. I’m feeling I should have waited until the game had been completed because it feels like I’ve spent £79.99p for nothing. This probably won’t get read but hey I think most people would be disappointed so I’m just pointing out that Turn10 should have waited a bit and fixed the issue with only half a game to complete it then sell it.
Will it get sorted, I’m not sure but my advice is to wait a while before you go splashing the cash until this issue is fixed.

The AH will need a few week for ppl to build up cars to sell or it might be a little bland. The Market Place is there to buy cars. I am looking forward to the Forzathon though so bring it on I say.

For me it says market place coming soon same as the auction house, forzathon and leagues it does seem bland but when you pay lots of money for a game it’s sad that great features are unavailable it just seems like Turn10 didn’t think this through properly but customers lose out at the start to whichever forza 7 title is brought and that’s unfair for all customers. I understand that cars need to be collected in order to progress with the auction house but all I can say at this moment I feel a little cheated