Forza Motorsport 7 is crashing/freezing on the Turn 10 Studios/Microsoft Studios logo (Xbox One)

My game suddenly started to freeze/crash when it reachs the Turn 10 Studios/Microsoft Studios logo, and it sends me back to the dashboard.

The game is installed in a 1TB SeaGate Hard Drive, i though it was the HD at first but i tried other installed games like Grand Theft Auto V and it works just fine.

Right now i’m installing the game again (disc) and the disc appears to be fine because it’s installing properly with no issues.

I will keep this post informed in case the problem keeps happening or it’s resolved, by the way, thank you for the help

First edit: we can discard a disc-related issue because the 46.18 GBs have been perfectly instaled.

Second edit: After i re-instaled the game i put my xbox one on offline mode and started it, the game ran fine without the update and didn’t crashed, so maybe this is a game update-related issue ? i’m now doing the 35.42 GB update (that’s going to take a long time lol) and i hope to solve it.

Third edit: game still crashes exactly in the same part (microsoft logo) i don’t know what to do anymore.

FIXED: It was a issue related to my profile saved game, it was corrupted, after going into the game’s options and deleting all my game stopped crashing, starting the game from scratch but at least it’s done.

Did you ever try just deleting profile game save from console only?

Since I’ve never had to delete one before, is it possible, if the console profile is good, to delete only the cloud save?

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I don’t think so the options are from memory Delete form console or Delete from everywhere

If you email turn 10 at they may be able to help with lost content and credits


Mine started off by not showing anything in the message centre & rivals section would not load.
Now its crashing/freezing on the load screen,
I have tried everything i could find online to fix it (hard resets,reinstalling game,deleting save files still no go.
Im on xbox (digital download).