Forza Motorsport 7 Experimental Drag feedback wanted

Hello all,

We’re looking for feedback from our community around the new Experimental Drag features in Forza Motorsport 7. Let us know what you like, as well as what you might like to see changed in the future. Any and all feedback is welcomed.

• Be as specific and constructive as possible with your feedback
• Respect all player’s feedback
• If you don’t like something about the current design, please tell us why



I get that it is experimental but is there any way we can get the other drag tracks other than Dubai in it? Every track is different and for good and proper feedback it might be a good idea to have the options for tracks. Considering what it is as of now I’m all for it! I think the credit/xp pay out should be a little more since it actually takes skill to cut the light. I’m happy with it the way it is at the moment.


This applies to Race Setup in general, but since Experimental Drag is all about getting into the race quickly:

I entered the menu in a stock setup and just hit Go to Race to try it out. Because the game automatically recognizes my car Division it applies the Homologation rules, hits me with the HOMOLOGATE CAR screen and my only choice is to automatically homologate or cancel back to settings. If I hit OK I then have the option to Install or Cancel back to settings. There’s no Help on these screens to explain why you can’t race stock. There’s also no info immediately visible about which division you’re in and what the Homologation rules are. So:

  • Add a screen indication that Division has been set with Homologation restrictions
  • Change the Setup / Race Setup / Options line “Car Division” to “Homolgation” to be more clear about it being a preset and not just a Division filter
  • Add a Help menu to each of these screens that explains Homologation
  • Add a “Race Stock anyway” option to the HOMOLOGATE CAR screen
  • Add an info box always present on these screens which shows your Model, Division, Homologation (HP, Class, Tire), Aspiration, and Drivetrain for the car you’re currently in.

Vague info = less fun, More clarity = more fun


This is much more like it and a great step in the right direction! When this goes online, races will have a lot more about them than just who has the fastest car - some driving skill is now required!

One huge thing though: Elapsed time, not total time, should be on the leaderboard. In real life, RT doesn’t matter when setting a world/continental/track/personal record with the ET. Total time is only important when deciding who won a race.


+1 to this!!


This. ET is the only time that matters. Up against another player it’s the first car to legally cross the line that wins so extending the “finish” past that makes no sense. Have the race still end when it does for replay purposes but all races and times should only be taken from the actual finish line.

Other suggestions:

  • Automatic slo-mo photo finish replay for close (within 1 car length) finishes. Once the race is over you get a quick replay of the finish before the next menu.

  • Better options for starts for people who use auto or manual without clutch instead of using the handbrake.

  • More timing/race data.

  • Pre-race burnouts with automatic staging.

  • 1/8 mile racing.

  • Automatic DQ for crossing centre line.


I think its a really GOOD Start, A MUST Have in multiplayer long over due. a pro tree option would be nice
We now need a burnout box to heat the tires and we should have to stage our cars , I would also like to see the actual tree lights working.


I like the fact that you are able to break boost instead of going off of revs. There are a few things you need too add in that its missing, it definitely needs full staging burn out boxes, and if your going to go toward Drag Racing, we need a drag pack expansion were we can increase motor output, skinnier tires, drag suspension, wheelie bars, the potential is endless with this. This long over due like many people have said before me. The tree in game needs to work that way we can get rid of the Hud Display if we want too. This is the startings of something really great if you add in more too it. Don’t let this be the last experiment, this is what over 10 thousand pages of people have been screaming for across twitter, reddit and here. Hopefully you listen to the community and read very closely too the top 25 responses. Keep adding too this and Motor sport wont die long after Horizon comes around as it will have what most racers have been begging for from the beginning.

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I 2nd this, we need a burnout box, staging with the actual tree lights working and adding to that I want NOS - Nitrous Oxide Systems added to Drag. Hopefully this can happen with added Online play for Forza Motorsport 8.

I’m downloading this now. Just got home from work. I will happily post up what I like, don’t like and what is like to see different.

Can any of the mods explain how this is a WIN. Check the link. You can DQ from jumping the light but you can door slam & win? I’m not too worried about more tracks or multiplayer I’m sure that’s coming. Maybe the position of the tree could use a little work. That’s more personal preference than anything wrong with it. Forza Experimental Drag Win???? - YouTube

There should be a track boundary in between the two lanes for sure. Cross the line - instant DQ, just like pulling a cherry.

Also actual tree lights should actually work, as that’s where I would naturally look on the in-car view.

1/8th mile ET and MPH would be nice to have.

Split timer on screen is useless info currently, it would be far more useful at the 1/8 than at the 60’ which also ties into above point.


Don’t think its a big deal right now being its only free play , But definitely needs to be addressed before it hits multiplayer you cross you lose period !

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Liking it so far, though Dubai isn’t really my favorite track.

In regards to design, I think it’s pretty much good, except that the tree could be moved to the other side. That’s just a preference though

Now onto some requests, many of which are things I’ve wanted to see since Forza Motorsport 4:

  1. Pre-race burnouts. Anyone that’s been to a dragstrip can tell [you] that they’re a key part of the experience. Getting a racer’s tires up to optimum temperature so they can achieve the fastest times.

  2. In conjunction with that, the ability to fit actual drag racing slicks onto the drive wheels of a given car. Yes, the game already has a drag racing compound, but that’s always seemed, in my opinion, to be equivalent to a drag radial, which offers nowhere near the level of grip that a real slick does.

  3. Lastly, and this one’s extremely selfish, On a fair number of cars, going back to the 60s even, people ‘tubbed’ the rear wheel wells to fit bigger tires on their cars. If at all possible, this would be a great benefit to anyone trying to ‘go for broke’ as it were.*

*If this were to be done, I’d think the probably best way to implement it would be as a body kit, much like how the 32 5 window’s allows for more extensive modification.


Definetly on the right track

Things i think you should add:

1 Burn out box

2 Let us do the staging ourselves

3 Wheelie Bars , 2 step for our cars

4 DQ if you cross lanes

5 More realistic 1/4 times i believe if your car has 900hp
You should be running in the 7 to mid 8 of course it depends on car weight tune etc but you get where im going.

For sure definetly on the right track


This update is a great move in the right direction.

Being a drag racer I’ve noticed a few things that could help bring out the authenticity of this mode.

  • Pre-Race Burnouts and having the tire temperature effect the traction of the launch
  • A Pro-Tree lighting format option. This is essential in true heads-up racing, and challenges the racer to react instead of just timing the light on a regular tree.
  • Bracket/Index classes. This will add to the fun of building purpose built cars in the game. It will also allow new racers to be able to compete with each other more experienced racers on an equal playing field.

These are just a few simple suggestions that I think would make a big difference in the final mode of the game.


Burnouts would be good because if you can’t do them consistently well your consistency will suffer, which ties in neatly with…

Bracket/index would be great. That would also allow any car to be competitive against another regardless of class, drive type or homologation.

I also agree about the pro tree because the sportsman tree we have currently doesn’t fit with this heads-up format.

Also a drag racer here. The Pro-tree would be one of my biggest suggestions. Love the suggestion about bracket racing and a burn out box would obviously be the checkers but I’m not sure how to implement it into the forza world. I guess that’s why these guys are pro programmers haha. I’d love to more detailed timing, such as an 8th mile statistic as well. Would love to see 8th mile and standing mile modes introduced into drag mode.

I would love to see class specific leader boards for this. Right now I’m running muscle cars in C class and the leader board is of course full of P class cars. It would be really cool if my friends and I could challenge each other in specific classes and not have to worry about filtering through the other classes we may run.

Drag specific mods would be fantastic, tubbing, skinnies for front tires, transbreak, 2 step boxes, etc. I know people would complain but nitrous would be great. Especially if you could set it up in stages or progressively.

Anyway T10 hats off. This is quite the step forward and as a drag racers I greatly appreciate it.


I think that’s a very good idea with the experimental drag, but I would like to have a few forza Motorsport 7

[Mod Edit - please limit feedback in this thread to the Experimental Drag feature and use the Wish Lists Go Here thread for other topics - MM]

I like the new drag feature. If there is going to be active drag racing and legit times 60ft and 1/4 times. A 2step launch control should be at least attempted. A way to build boost and control different rpm. Also taller tires (bigger slicks). And if we could be able to stage ourselves. I know it’s just another way for people to troll and make people wait but if there’s a legit way of staging yourself. Or make it so if you and your opponent are staging younjave 15 seconds from the time he pre-stages to roll up. Just to make it more appealing to us real racers. Just my 2 cents. But id really like to see a 2step launch control antilag some nice exhaust sounds and pops lol i think it would be awesome.