Forza Motorsport 7 Cover

Hi Forza fans! Does anybody know which race track is on FM7 Cover?

Off the top of my head, it kind of looks like an oval circuit, but the track itself seems pretty narrow. Could also just be fictional.

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This was my first guess as well, but there are no fences and there are curbstones on the inside.

My second guess.

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I´d guess this is Yas Marina right before the 180° turn

Yeah it is very hard to tell.
Good question I think. I can’t find answer anywhere.

Yeah we’ve got 50% that is in game track. Still try to figure out

The lighting on the grandstand suggests an oval - it looks a bit like Texas, but the track is wrong. I’d say it’s just an artistic image and not based on anywhere in particular.


It is one of the tracks in the expansion pack.

And you say this on what merit?

I think that merit was sarcasm lol but I hope he’s right

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