Forza Motorsport 7 : BMR RACING PAINT! #1 || 2010 Renault Megane


Hello everybody, and welcome to BMR. In this video I made a BMR racing paint for the 2010 Renault Megane in Forza Motorsport 7, hope you guys enjoy. This video is in the timelapse format to make it convenient for you guys too watch.

I’m the owner of the BMR racing team, this team is all about racing clean, and racing respectfully. BMR is a very new team, and is now expanded into four different games, those being Need For Speed, Forza, Project Cars, Dirt, and will expand into more racing games in the future. I’m always open for new members to join BMR, I love it when new people join, but there are some requirements you have too meet first before you join, I’m not going to just let anyone join because I don’t want too add a new member to BMR to then find out there a garbage racer, and they give BMR a bad name, and reputation, so for that reason I"m only going to accept experienced, respectful, clean racers to join BMR. I have the hopes of BMR becoming big someday, and me, and my other team members will try are hardest to make BMR a big recognized name in the SIM racing community.


  1. You must race clean

  2. You must take responsibility for your mistakes

  3. You must be older than 16

  4. You must respect all drivers, and competition

  5. You can only use tunes, and paints made by BMR or made by you

  6. You must change your G-tag to the team G-tag that way I know you’re loyal, and not going to abandon the team. The BMR team G-tag is Boostilia dash your name initials, so for example if your name was Martin Scott Tucker your team G-tag would be Boostilia-MST in the case you have the same initials as another member you’d put a number after your initials so for example if there was already a member with the initials of MST, and you have the initials of MST you would put Boostilia-MST2

  7. You must HAVE SOME EXPERIENCE with racing games

  8. You must be RESPECTFUL, and FAIR to EVERYONE

  9. Don’t be a douchebag

Xbox G-tag (bjhgames1)

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Hope you guys enjoyed the video, and I’ll see all you guys in my next video, and share the video with your friends, and leave a comment about the video, I love receiving your guys feedback, and checkout my other videos too.