Forza Motorsport 6 video

What’s up guys, today I finished editing my first YouTube video which is just a montage of some good clips from In game. Would love some feedback and tips on how to keep improving!

I muted it because I hated the music. The video itself didn’t really do much for me because it started really slow and then just became shots of solo cars going fast. The drifting bits didn’t interest me because I care nothing for drifting.

Music is difficult because one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. No music appeals to everyone. As for the actual content, I’d rather see stuff happening, rather than slow shots of a car or shots of a single car driving fast.

Very true and without the music the video would have no real flow, because I edited most of the shots to go with the music. I’m hoping that once I get my capture card I can make car tuning videos among other things. This was just a first attempt at a video to familiarize myself with the editing program.

I love it buddy. I must say an excellent vid. I do have to agree with you, it is my FAVORITE game ever made. I hope they never stop. Thank You T-10 for a most awesome game!

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