Forza Motorsport 6 - TV Commercial (What we've been racing towards)

No words needed, enjoy!


That is a pretty amazing commercial.

The TV spots for the recent Horizon and Motorsport entries have all been pretty spectacular.

Saw this during F1 earlier, nice ad, so close to release now!

HA! I was just thinking to myself yesterday they should make a commercial like this!

Way to go Turn10!

That is awesome. Really brings be back! …Pole Position against my brother on the old Atari… Outrun in the arcade! Good times, Great commercial!

Pretty cool ad for Ford and their new GT.

Only seen 15 seconds worth of Forza in that.

That was pretty clever - nice leverage of the Minecraft purchase :wink:

I dont think that was minecraft, all games used to be that blocky. I spotted a certain corner from ridge racer though.

you must be young EMW Radicus. That is how blocky games used to look like. I like the inclusion ridge racer but not gran turismo :smiley:

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LOL! Never really started gaming until Forza 4 - I did have quite a few games on the ZX Spectrum, and know they were blocky compared to the photo-realism we have today, but the ad exaggerated a little for cinematic effect I think :slight_smile:

Still, very cool trailer.

Im not a fan of the textured voxels look, but really how else can you bring 2D sprites into a 3D world?

To bad the V6 Ford Gt doesn’t really sound like that(V8 in the commercial).


Love the inclusion of the GT into the old beloved retro racers! Brilliant ad!

I really love how precisely they copied the ridge racer part, including the original background with the lighthouse… and a sound sample that sounds very much like 8 bit fashion. Great Ad!

Love it.

I’m pretty sure these are the games they used in the ad.

Game - Dev - Year
Gran Trak 10 - Atari - 1974
RC Pro Am - Rare - 1987
Pole Position - Atari - 1982
Chase H. Q. - Taito - 1988
Ridge Racer - Namco - 1993

Only six days away from Forza 6.

I thought I saw references to other ones, may jyst have been my imagination though

Yeah I don’t know Chase H.Q. but I thought there was Outrun in there.

When I first saw what looked like a red Ferrari Testarossa, I thought Outrun at too. Then I realized it was being chased by a black Porsche 928 and the clip with the two Miami Vice looking guys pretty much confirmed that it was Chase H. Q.

Fun game, but I wasn’t that good at it.

That was almost painful. It really made me realize just how old I am and still playing. I remember them all. It was awesome. Great work.

PREPARE TO QUALIFY! Wow some memories were shared in making this commercial. Well done.