Forza Motorsport 6 - Fan Made Trailer

And like every Release of a new Forza Motorsport, I made a fan made trailer for FM6.
Enjoy :slight_smile:


That was a nice little vid. Thanks for sharing with us.

Thank you :slight_smile: its a pleasure being in Forza community!

great vid! Loved the song too


Thank you guys!! :slight_smile:

Man, I haven’t heard that remix of No One Knows since the original GRID days.

Good memories :slight_smile:

Enjoyed that, thanks for sharing! Remember that music being used on a Race Driver: GRID trailer when I used to work at Codies :slight_smile:

Oh you worked at codies, awesome! :smiley: and thank you helios!! :slight_smile:

Nice man! If I may say you can try to put the “Xbox one exclusive” green screen at the end, would be epic lol

I thought about that, but decided just to do a simple one by myself :slight_smile:

Nice trailer. I enjoyed it. :slight_smile:

Glad you enjoyed it!