Forza motorsport 6 driving physics

What are your impressions? You got what you wanted? your expectations and hopes.
How physics has changed in comparison with the fm5?

The speed sensitive steering is still too over the top this really needs a slider so the user can adjust his/her own speed sensitive steering settings.

Other than that imho it’s typically forza only with more feel for what the cars doing a sort of cross between forza 4 & 5 in a good way, the rumble is very weak again in my opinion which after 5 makes it harder to gauge what the tyre’s are doing.

But overall I’d say it’s a better experience than forza 5 the rain is a bit ott but great fun and the lack of braking on the night track is again a bit ott but I’m hoping once tuning is available we’ll be able to dial that out.

From what I’ve gauged from the demo I’m glad I ordered the ultimate edition.


This. I have a real issue with cars oversteering in this game (moreso than in previous titles) and I think much of it is that the steering is too sensitive and I have a really hard time keeping the movements smooth enough to drive smooth.

I hate comparing this to PCars, but they have a lot of steering adjustments that can be made and I’ve found a really nice comfortable setting on that game which helps me concentrate more on just the driving rather than my thumbs. It allows me to tailor it to the way my thumbs work.

I dont know why Forza continues to not add something like this as it seems its been a complaint for many years.


Gotta get used to it, seems once the tires break lose it’s a hand full. Driving with a wheel anyway. I can say that the clutch physics on the Ford GT are wonky! Upon downshift it stalls the engine and when it starts back up it spins the car out. I can keep it running if i throttle on downshift, but i wouldn’t think you should have to do that on a game like Forza. Just my thoughts. Can’t say i am as excited as i was before i played the demo, but it’s already bought so hopefully the full game the enthusiasm will return.

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Personally, based on the demo only, I think FM6 looks like it will be a solid improvement on FM5. Honestly, until we get our hands on release content it’s just impossible to say what we’re in for. The graphics are an issue for some, the over zealous traction loss model and steering are a cause for concern for others.

Initial balanced thoughts from our little community seem to be that the jury is out right now. I think if the demo was the release people might just fall on the side of mildly disappointed, but we have to remind ourselves this isn’t release and with settings that save, open list of tracks/cars/career & leagues returning, the enthusiasm may grow quite quickly. I hope so!

Metaphorically speaking it could be like the song you first hear and don’t like, only for it to become your favourite of all time, OR it’s going to alienate people quite quickly if physics frustrations enter the equation & then there’ll be more than a storm in-game to navigate.

I’m awaiting the Ultimate Ed and wouldn’t cancel it even if I could. I’m not turned off by the demo, I’m actually grateful that I can see potential for so many of the FM5 gripes to be gone. Turn 10 MUST ensure wheels are correctly supported and fast! these TX and MC wheel problems are not instilling any confidence.

Then it’s all down to deliverables… Sep 10 only 1 week away :slight_smile: …yeah, I’m excited to get my hands on the complete deal.

…anyone in UK wants to come race with us, visit your more than welcome… casual, for fun, races and TTs

It will be interesting as we have a V8 series moving over from fm5

I liked physics fm4 (mode simulation), I used Fanatek GT2
I am the owner of Trastmaster TX. And I’m disappointed fm6.
Yes fm5 physics was strange. fm5 physics was too demanding and angry, but it was not a realistic difficulty, and bluff. Behind this fact - that the physics - an empty and not interesting. Wicked, hard - emptiness, fake, and it is not realistic physics, a pseudo realism.
And the difficulty of physics fm5- excessively frightened T10 players. Players began to complain, and eventually fm6 physics - it fm5 devoid of excessive hardship. It was good-natured, but not ceased to be empty.
fm4 “simulation mode” physics - it was at a good level for the 2011, and it reminded LFS Iracing. And I had hoped that Forza Motorsport will continue striving to do the best and most advanced physics.
But fm5, fm 6 showed - that T10 chose casual way.
Physics fm6 - is standing still in comparison with the F4 2011, to some extent it is even physics fm6 regression toward the arcade driving and easy.
T10 prefer to do - simkada and setting realistic unfortunately - do not correct the situation
FM2 -was a good sim, but fm3 was horrible arcade.
In 2012 with the advent of Horizon1 I believe - that the T10 “gave their duty casual gamers” and FM - will be a progressive Sim in physics is not worse than the best PC Sims. but no
With regard to specific complaints:
I have GT6 and I thoroughly compared with fm6 GT6 physicists use Trastmaster TX and Fanatec gt2.
Well, physics fm6 worse than GT6, but not too much. However, talking about GT6 need to clarify - this game has two very different driving physics.
Offline physics resembles physics fm6 and only slightly better.
But online physics - so good that Forza 6 does not go not any comparison.
Unfortunately I do not have a PC game and I’m not familiar with physics Asset Corsa, Pkars and others. My PC enables only Iracing 2008, LFS and is very reminiscent of fm4.
I am sure - that Asetto Corsa better than GT6 physics. But it’s about - that fm6 physics - it’s almost not a simulator by the standards of 2015. It’s almost simkada.
And it is a pity - it always will.
Fm6 physics problem - the lack of a realistic suspension of work, and related difficulties driving. It is difficult, but the pleasure in fm6 do not.
Driving feels too light and frivolous, no sense of real car, toy driving, some effects are smoothed. It’s better than terrible - fm5, but this is not what I expected.

Another problem - it’s feedback on the steering wheel. It’s strange. Fidbek was bad in fm5, and remained the same in fm6.
The force is too high, the steering wheel consistently stubborn and does jerks, sometimes refuses to return to the zero position. It’s not like that as in GT6 steer the steering wheel Fanatec or fm4. There are no such problems.
And because of the strange fm5 feedback - lost relationship with the car and there is a feeling - I do not drive a car, and the car is driving me.

Passage through the puddles is horrible jerks as if I’m going on the logs.

And the overall impression of the demo - that Forza has become a toy:

  1. track in Rio splashing waves, flying on the horizon, Boeing, passing - trams and more. It creates a sense - that play is child’s play, this is reminiscent of the late '80s video game, platformer, like Mario or Felix the Cat, where the same script fly clouds, birds, airplanes, balloons, and all this under the cheerful music. It is not serious, it is reminiscent of a cartoon.

  2. passes to improve the speed, weight reduction and so on - this is very strange, especially if it will be in online races. This is not a simulator

  3. puddles on the track … all on the racetracks have drainage system and large pools are rare. But fm6 pools located not chaotically but in certain places, because - make it difficult to go and make a choice: Lose speed or drive fast and take risks.
    But it’s like an oil stain on the road in the old arcade racing games, it’s fun, but it’s not a simulator.

  4. Fast and furious pack of cars, armored car in a racing game …

Conclusion: Unfortunately fm6 as fm3 again flirts with the arcade genre, it destroys my expectations.

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I personally think Forza is not a sim not by any stretch of the imagination, it’s moved further and further away from that area, it’s much more a mainstream car/racing game and a very good one but all the time certain people keep expecting a sim there is going to be disappointment.

Im looking forward to the 10th I’m going to have a whole heap of fun with Forza 6 but then I except it for what it is.



I personally think Forza is not a sim not by any stretch of the imagination, it’s moved further and further away from that area, it’s much more a mainstream car/racing game and a very good one but all the time certain people keep expecting a sim there is going to be disappointment.

Im looking forward to the 10th I’m going to have a whole heap of fun with Forza 6 but then I except it for what it is.


Most people play console Sims - for online races, there are usually all cars modified: racing tires, reduced weight, race suspension - all of this can hide simcade physics as cars racing hard suspension - driving approximately the same in the Super simulator and simcade.
But sometimes I like to drive on unmodified cars and have fun. Standard tires, standard suspension, the usual road car
And these cars the difference in physics and the physics of the most noticeable imperfections. If physics is not perfect, there is no enjoyment.

Thank you for this very thorough comparison, exactly what I was looking for.

Its funny when I first started playing FM5, it looked fantastic and felt like an improvement. After being very disappointed in the lack of cars and content overall, I went back to playing FM4 (I missed Tsukuba circuit). I then realized playing FM 4, the driving feel felt significantly different, each car had a more unique feel. I realized that cars in 5 tended to oversteer regardless of type, tune, etc. I was hoping FM6 would be a return to a more dedicated sim experience, especially with Horizons filling the demand for the more arcade experience. I was really turned off by T10’s approach to dlc, but could forgive it if the game feel is there. To hear otherwise is unfortunate and makes the decision to get FM6 a tough one.

Thanks again SHVED, great feedback!

Anyone feels it’s a bit easier to drift and slide around without losing control then in Forza 5? Besides the wheel spins, it feels like Horizon 2 had some influence in the physics model of Forza 6.


Yes - particularly on a controller, it’s much easier to get out of a power-oversteer and avoid fishtailing. That stuff was way too much in FM5.

for me, its feels harder, another step from 5 that’s was a step from 4 that was a step from 3.

IT either has more front/back weight transfer or its oversteey into a corner and not understeery.

SHved…you talk out of your bum m8. What do you mean the track looks like a toy…why…because its well interesting and full of eye candy and a complete joy to race on? Im glad yor not designing the games…all the tracks would be bland. You forgot to mention the tracks that are real world…so whats wrong with them. Turn 10 are just catering to everyone. I love the colourful tracks.
Must be another DC fanboy…

SHved and all you other perfection seekers…bugger off and get in a real race car…and leave all us fun seekers to enjoy an amazing game…forza 6.

The physics are much improved from FM5 driving with a TX wheel I found the cars in FM5 to be to twitchy and sensitive. FM6 is certainly an improvement and a step toward realism. Still I do not get the planted feeling, and control I get in Assetto Corsa, Project Cars or even Iracing but FM6 is a step toward that direction. My biggest grip with all the Forza titles has been the braking which is still to sensitive, much more so than real life or the other sims.

Overall the physics in FM6 are not the best or the worst I have seen and without a doubt is an improvement over previous titles. Physics is not the strength of Forza, Graphics, gameplay and the number of cars are the strengths of Forza.

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I’m still waiting for every car to have somewhat accurate steering models. Driving physics are pretty good, the rain is tricky, but it’ll take a long time to learn how to drift again with sim steering, my front wheels seem to hook way too much in even the smallest slides causing me to launch away in the opposite direction.

So tired of every car having a better power steering system than actual race cars. Oh yeah, a 1940s car can go full lock in an 80 degree turn of the wheel. That and I’m tired of my driver adjusting his hands every 5 seconds.

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I have to say, on controller, it feels like Forza 6 has improved greatly. Many of the higher powered cars in Forza 5 were so slippery that they were nearly undrivable without a tune, but that doesn’t seem to be the case at all in 6.

I sometimes think that many other driving games allow you to barrel into a corner with way to much speed and somehow get away with it. With forza 6 i feel I really have to concentrate on setting up the car for the entry to each corner and you also have to resist the temptation to be greedy and take too much speed.

It’s funny but I constantly check myself when playing this game by saying in my head " how brave would I be in real life" and that usually gets me to take the right speed for the corner. It’s difficult to describe but there is a real sense of satisfaction I get when playing this game as I am always required to think hard and concentrate to lap consistently.

Personally I’m loving it after a ropey start due to incorrect wheel settings.

I think there is an epiphany moment you need to have with forza and I have had it tonight. Feels brilliant with a CSW v2 also

All sim racing games have a limit to how fast you can come into a corner and no sim has unlimited grip. You can drive very fast in Forza 6 and I do not think you have to take corners much slower than in the other known sim racing games.

In real life some cars are more forgiving than others, in real life some cars are easier to push and drive on the edge. In real life some cars are harder to drive and easily get upset and out of sorts and require more care in driving. Forza 6 is like that, it takes more care to drive the cars in Forza than the cars in Assetto Corsa or Project Cars. Actually FM6 is closer to Iracing except the braking in Iracing is not as sensitive.

Some people prefer sims to be harder and less forgiving and some people prefer sims that are easier to push and drive on the edge. FM6 is on the harder side.