Forza Motorsport 6 Apex requirements?

First off… Thanks Turn 10, Playground, and Microsoft for bringing the wonderful Forza Motorsport franchise to PC.

That said I have not been able to play yet. My graphics card and cpu are preventing me from playing. What cpu and video card would I need for my Asus P8Z77-V Pro motherboard (socket 1155)? I’m not ready to rebuild my whole system. The only games my rig can’t play are these two. It handles all my current games on steam on their highest settings fine.

Additional info:
I have an EVGA 560 TI Superclocked and an Intel 2500K cpu overclocked to 3.5. The video card according to Nvidia supports Direct X 12 but, for whatever reason can’t run FM6 or FH3. If I recall correctly DX 12 has different support levels and Forza requires the highest level or close to it which my card does not support. The cpu performs as well as some I7 processors overclocked. It has so many users still. Its also probably one of the reasons Intel is trying to block and make it harder to overclock their cpus. Why buy an I7 if I can get comparable performance by overclocking an I5?

And a suggestion…
I would consider my rig mid level. I do recognize it is 4 years old. However I can play The Division, Battlefield 1, Assetto Corsa, and and Project Cars fine in steam. Forza has opened itself up to a very narrow customer base on PC with its current minimum requirements. Might be a good idea to broaden the potential customer pool by looking at what other developers have done to have great sales numbers on PC as well as console. And now would be the time to explore that and any challenges presented by offering graphics level options in FM6 and minimum requirements in the mid level range that the vast majority of PC gamers resides in. Unless of course the intent is to keep the PC gamer base minimal.

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Sadly, if you had gone AMD instead of NVidia your card from 4 years ago would have been supported. according to the OpenGL supported feature list, which is the “real” feature list and in line with the physical rendering instructions present on the card, there are things the 560 simply can not do that forza presumably does. the same can go for the CPU, as the game may need features not present until Haswell, which features many new CPU instructions. if you want a good card for Forza i’d go for a Radeon R7 270 or higher and see if it helps you out. if you want to save a few dollars and are hellbent on green team, despite AMD’s performance advantage in DX12, i’d get a750ti or 950 depending on how much you can spend. the 1050 is not worth it, as the RX 460 outperforms it and is feature level 12_0 on DirectX 12 games. The 1060 is questionable as again the RX 470 outperforms it on DX12 compatable games and going forward will see even better performance. The only reason i’d get any NVidia card going forward until the 11xx generation is out is because it’s necessary for their remote play function, where you use your gaming PC to render a game and actually control and see it from a tablet or other device which is a very clever trick, IF you own a Shield tablet or another portable PC.

The above is strange advice - get a 750 Ti but don’t get a 1050? Eh?

I had a 750 Ti 2GB and replaced it with a 1050 Ti 4GB, which runs Apex superbly (and Forza Horizon 3 too).

The 560 Ti is too weak for this game even if it could run it. 1GB of video RAM just isn’t enough.

OP, your rig is NOT mid level I’m afraid. Yes the CPU is still okay. The GPU on the other hand is very weak now, especially the lack of video RAM. As for FH3, if my 750 Ti 2GB was too slow and giving low memory warnings all the time, then a weaker card with half that memory has no chance.