Forza Motorsport 6 2015 Mazda MX5 - £111.47 OR £27.94 FOR THE NEXT 5 DAYS

I seem to some how have missed the chance to own the FM6 2015 (2016 in the photos of the cars on forum?) Now don’t get me wrong, I bought the Game, standard I think, then I got the FM6/FH2 bundle some time after as it was cheaper than buying FH2 again (previously bought on X360 too, the 360 version save did not carry or count toward my Forza Tier, I am Tier 8 or 9 now anyway the only way to own the Mazda MX5 (10 year anniversary livery as I own the other 10 year editions but the MX5 is not included nor able to buy sepertly my options… Buy another time for £27.94 75% off or just not own the car as when it’s not on offer the complete Add-Ons Collection (only wat to get the not sold separately car is to buy the whole addon collection, the collection full price including the unpurchable anyware else MX5 costs £111.47

Hurts more than FM7 not updating when tiers are gained to give the specials like the suits for FM6, 5, 4 , 3 or 2 (I had all those games but the qualifiyer was tier level so I only got FM 7, 6 &5 along with all FH 3, 2 that I own 2 copies of on 360 and XBone and Horizon OG. I owned that on X360 and it’s Back Compact… No save though and no, way to get back all my in game purchases I know closing FH1 sales because of server cost, same for FM3 and FM4 saves and doc gone since I moved all my game sales to the ’cloud’ as it’s big data, safe and backed up, cough Imjust ignore before and carry one, now I complain, I am pretty sure I own 2 copies,

sorry… My mistake licences to use a game I don’t own, have lost most if not all my doc and saves from the 360 era but it’s not something anyone wants to fix, take ownership of the problem, its not Microsofts fault, they just published the lot, turn10 only started listening to fans when FM7 VIP-GATE, oh yes I was vip of every one there was vip, and yes I wasted my 100% xp x5 x5 cards because I thought they were indicate like most of FM6 was just a new way. Forza Horizon vip wheel, get a car get its value in credits too!! Horizon 3 nope just same cars till they rotated but double cash so not bad, now with FH4 pre ordered Inread no vip double wheelsipns with every level because levels are split across all different disciplines separately so they found a way to take but say they give more with weekly vip spins like the 3 we got in formation but FH3 was fun, I collect all but the 3 currently locked 3 FE cars…

I say cars but one is my baby, the (basically, Horizon version of the F150 Raptor) Raptor Forza edition, see how it builds, the resent and anger yet like perfect consumers we buy everything (sometimes twice) I do I buy it all I even ended up enjoying FM7 as 5 & 6 were trash compared to FM3 & 4 accept Jeremy Clarksons voice and the top gear test track… But no, M$ no, T10 no not nearly £30 for one MX5, Volkswagen not in H3 Toyota not on MS7, Toyota & Misibishi not in H4, you pay them… seems they might be licicencing officially exclusively with a new gen of Forza might even be the cross of FM3,7 and F3/bits of 4&2. Now I just shut up and give more money but not for a £27.95 MX5 which is topless what’s that in American? Spyder? Heck we stole English the language from everyone and expect everyone else to speak our language!