Forza Motorsport 5 issues

Just a few of my issues with FM5, the unfinised game. Just wondering if anyone from turn 10 will ever read or taken noticec of their customes. I am guessing not.

As an ex games tester, there are a few issues which turn 10 should rectify before, realising a further carpack at a vast amount of cash.

  1. Where is my best lap time? This is something that I liked in FM4 and feel there should be an option in HUD.
  2. Who is in 2nd, 3rd or any other place. This goes hand in hand ith how far away they are. This is something that I liked in FM4 and feel there should be an option in HUD.
  3. D-pad steering. As they have this option open you would think they would be clever enough to put telemtary as down on the thumb stick, on no wait that would be too inteligent for Turn 10.
  4. Seaching for vynal groups. This could be made easier.
  5. OMG their lobbies have worked just come in to room and it tell me to select a car. No i can’t do that as I do not know what the car class is. How about putting the regulation for the lobby there?
  6. Voice lag, really there is no need for this turn 10.
  7. I want to search for all american mussle cars. No this is not an option even though you can select it in game set up. Good thinkin there turn 10 you lot are very inteligent are you not?

This is juust a snapshot of the issues, there are loads that they need to fix and can not believe theydid not sort all of this out before they realised the game.

Safe to say I will not be buying aymore turn 10 games and wait for project cars.


I agree with all of your suggestions above but I wouldn’t call them issues. For whatever reason Turn 10 didn’t include a lot of this. Maybe they had a reason for it, or maybe they just ran out of time? Either way all of this has been requested many time by many people. (which is a good thing in my opinion)

I hope that the more these features are requested, the more urgency is given to their development. But I would suggested adding all of this to the feature wish list above as well. They are surely already requested there but the more voices the better. I don’t know if Turn 10 will be read it there either but the goal is to keep all our voices in one spot so the developer can more easily see what is being requested by the community.

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Thank you for your feedback.

You can contact the developers by email at