Forza Motorsport 5: Free with Games With Gold (September 2017)

That’s awesome!

More people will play with us!

Hopefully some people who never played Forza fall in love with the franchise, like we did. ^_^’


I did after I bought forza. Horizon 2 over a year later I have all forza games for 360 and Xbox one

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I started out with FH3 last December, then came FH2 in July of this year, and just yesterday downloaded FM5! I’m loving FM5 thus far, can’t believe how sharp, crisp, and vivid the game graphics is for being an “older game”. Also liking the driving dynamics thus far.


i just bought a xbox one and im very happy with the forza series and i cant wait to play forza 5 and add me on xbox: i401arsnova

They might wanna sort out Rivals before they put this on Gold

I skipped FM5 , I wasn’t sure that I was going to get a Xbox one at the time. I bought one when FM6 came out.

If I recall correctly I believe people were saying the FFB was better in FM5 so it will be nice to see for myself. I never really cared for the way FM6 felt.

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September 1:


Funny thing - I haven’t played this game in nearly TWO YEARS since I traded it in to buy Forza 6.

I was wondering if my old game save would connect seamlessly, and it did, plus a pleasant surprise. All of my Forza Hub bonuses were there waiting for me! Nearly 2 years worth.

I started off with 19 million credits, and by the time I finished downloading them all, I am over 57 million. No sooner had my son and I stopped laughing, we lost power.

Thank goodness the game autosaved every time I downloaded the credits, our I’d be out a ton of credits. Once our power comes back, it’s time for a shopping spree.

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Admittedly I didn’t give fm6 a chance, I pre-ordered it, played it for about a week and traded it in. I didn’t like how the career mode forced you to do what they wanted you to do. I like to tackle things the way I want, or rather what seems to be more fun to me. Im going to give fm5 a go tonight. Question: Is VIP and or the car pass worth it? Vip is $3, and the car pass is $5 currently. TIA.

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Hi :slight_smile:

Oh yes vip pass and car pass are very cool … with the vip you have 5 cars (included the Mazda 787b), and as gift you will have the 2013 F1 Lotus Renault E21 (awesome car,beautiful engine sound)
Here with a livery

in action here

For the car pass , yes it’s a good deal too…Forza 5 has not a lot of available car so it’s a good thing to have the 80 car from the dlc…and many are very good…like the Laferrari etc (i recommend you too the Long Beach and Nurburg booster pack , not included in the car pass but they are cool)
So both for 8, no doubt for me… it’s great :slight_smile:

ps: be careful , due to the servers issue, maybe you can not have your pack for the moment… :confused:

Have fun :wink:


Most definitely worth that. Though isn’t the VIP included in the Car Pass?

The Booster Packs are included in the Car Pass, by the way.

Thanks for the response! I ended up just getting it last night as it.

If you plan on buying the dlc I would recommend doing it before the end of September. When horizon went free the dlc was gone within a few months. Buy all the dlc you can as soon as you can because the clock is ticking before they disappear forever.

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Glad they released this for free. I hadn’t played a Forza Motosport game since FM3. Pre ordered FM7 from Gamestop. Now I’ve cancelled my pre order. Glad they let me know for free, they can’t keep servers working properly.


Just got this today bc i have gold and its my 1 st forza motorsport. Ive only played fh3 before this and i its actually kinda cool. Its a slower pace than horizon it seems but i like it so far. Havent played online though. I will buy fm6 or 7 after i see what happens at court.

I also now have all Forzas, from Forza 1 thru Forza 6
Been playing since 2005 on the original XBOX. 1

The Force Feedback with my Thrustmaster TMX PRO set is Too strong. I couldn’t see if there is somewhere to turn it down.
The handling is not quite as good in F5, but may I need to learn to tune.
I did download a couple of Worm’s tunes though which helped.

I will be trying the INDY Oval in all levels of Rivals.

Trying to decide if I should pre-order F7 or wait awhile.

A good bet would be to try the demo that comes out on September 19 to see how your wheel feels, then you can decide whether to preorder or not.

I have over 100 gold medals so far and my favorite track is prague. Game is addicting. Definetely buying fm6 or 7 or both when i get out in december or January. I like that my car history is actually acurate instead of all messed up on the time and miles like it is in fh3.

And you get a free upgrade to the GOTY if you just have the regular edition. But FM5…and apparently 6 are broken for me at the moment