Forza Motorsport 5 - Community Twitch broadcasts

We’re all hugely excited about Twitch broadcasting here at Turn 10 Studios, and recently we’ve posted on the website this handy guide on how to broadcast Forza Motorsport 5 via the Twitch app on Xbox One.

We’d love to hear about any upcoming Forza Motorsport streams that any of you might have planned, and we’re opened up this new sticky thread as a resource for you to tell us what you have in store and how the rest of the community can find you.

If you’re going to post about your upcoming stream then please leave the following information:

  • Description of what you plan to broadcast

  • Date of broadcast

  • Time of broadcast (In both UTC and PST)

  • The gamertag that will be broadcasting

  • URL of your Twitch channel

Please Note - Turn 10 Studios and Microsoft do not control what is broadcasted via community streams and we accept no responsibility for the visual and audio content broadcast during these streams.

Description of what you plan to broadcast: X999 LOTUS E21 Multiplayer No Assists

Date of broadcast: 3/12/2014

Time of broadcast:
New York
Los Angeles


Twitch Url:

I’ve been trying to broadcast each day and just saw this thread now so I’ll post when I plan to broadcast tomorrow:

  • I’ll be building/tuning some cars then I’ll start racing online after a little while

  • March 14

  • I’m aiming for 8 am PST, 3 pm UTC (I think that’s right)

  • Raceboy77


Thanks! :smiley:

Hi everyone! I will be broadcasting daily in the mornings to late afternoons, than 10 pm pacific till I head to bed lol.

My interests are simple: i love to help out people with set ups, car selection, builds, and even how to push cars to thier limits! I want to help anyone that needs it. Help you learn what adjustments you need to make, gearing, race stratagy, or even just to have a few laughs with us!

On top of all that, my racing league will be broadcasted every Tuesday afternoon (1 pst) till qualifying and the race is over. One hour long endurance races with full damage, with a 15 min qualifier, or on thursdays at 6 pm pst.

My rival times are all in the top 1% for every track, some are top 200 times, been around racing my entire life, and I can share what I know with you! Come join me at:

And we will see you out on the track!

Description: I’m going to be doing a painting demonstration where I will be making some liveries and vinyls.

Date: Tuesday, March 18th

Time: 7 AM PST, 2 PM UTC

Gamertag: TheDanSandwich

Twitch URL:

Description: Me destroying Mechbergs time in the next CBH

Date: March 18-20th

Time: When I awake until I fall Asleep, that could be a long time and times may vary

Gamertag: Pid1969

Twitch URL:

Testing my broadcasting now. Doing some single player bonus races

Date: now (march 15 - 10:15 UTC AM (02:15 PST AM?)
Gamertag: NO DeCLouie TRC
Twitch URL:

Edit: if someone shows up, some feedback at the chat if the stream is stable, would be nice (I think I have a good upload, but don’t know if its stable)

Typical Noob trying to race clean.

Date. Tonight and most nights from 7PM EST on.

I’m doing a painting of a lady…old school design…
Did an hour or so tonight, but for some reason it didn’t archive. So still working things out…
I’ll be on most days, but it could be any time

Gamer tag I’m using is GlassManNZ

url =

Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that I will be streaming often.

I will be streaming myself racing in public and private lobbies (been racing in some ONR lobbies, TPR, etc.) I will be doing at least top 50 hot lapping but mostly will stick with lobbies.
Also will show my process of tuning and upgrading, all while giving tips new and old players will find useful.
I will be taking tuning requests and will race requested cars in lobbies upon demand.I usually stream later in the day till about 3am eastern time.

Check me out!

Twitch channel: JJawshe


-Some mutiplayer/career/and some drift events

tonight 12:00AM EST Time

1200 est 9pm pacific

WasTeD zX

Hey Everyone,

I have been streaming pretty regularly and will now stream daily for you. Mostly public lobbies but also some top 50 rivals and some building/tuning. If you’d like to see me race certain cars don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll do my best to accommodate!

Most streams are around 10 am EST and also in the evenings after 9pm EST.

You can follow me on twitter as well and I’ll announce streaming on there as well.



The #1 Instagram-Forza page, now on Twitch! Follow us on Instagram @forzaworld

Bounty Hunter attempt 1, along with a live look in at some design progress, and a Multiplayer lobby

Tuesday, March 18, 2014



Hey guys my friends and I usually race daily from 6 to 10 eastern time. We have made our own race tracks on the test track map. If you guys want to watch and want to join us just let message me on either here or my XBOX.

I’m broadcasting my attempt to beat mechberg right now! check it out

Description: beat mechberg in bounty
Gamertag: SmallsausageX69
Twitch url:

Okay - I’m going to give CBH a shot

Date: 3/18/14
Time: Now :slight_smile: 5PM PST
GT: TeamRadicus

Wish me luck!

Edit: Got him by half a second! Stream off … until he beats me :slight_smile:

Trying to figure twitch out, but think I have it.

*Starting to get a hang of the car and track but done for tonight. I’ll typically be broadcasting between 7 and 9 pm EST. I’ll update when back. Finished up the night with 2:35.026.

Broadcasting my run at the Bounty Hunter #2 in the McLaren at Spa.

Gamertag: Firechkn01

Bounty Hunter broadcast about to begin. Just want to say sorry Mech for embarrassing you ahead of time.

I’m actually broadcasting right now. Bigice17 is my twitch user name. Should be fun :slight_smile:

CBH#2 @ Spa, Mclaren mp4-12c


8:00 pm (UTC/GMT + 1 hour)
12:00 pm (PST)

blackbird 80