Forza Motorsport 5 Car Pass Expansion Announcement

In today’s just released Week In Review article on the website, we’ve announced that two additional monthly car packs will release for “Forza Motorsport 5” in June and July. This extension will also apply to Car Pass owners, who will now receive eight total DLC car packs, and brings a total of more than 90 cars to Car Pass owners.

The Week In Review also notes that the new upcoming “June” pack will release next Friday, May 30.

Make sure you tune in next Friday for the full rundown on all the cars included in the pack!


Hi Helios,
Thank you for adding the additional car packs. I am not a car pass owner, but this should be appreciated by the car pass owners.

Will there be any fixes or changes to the game itself? If so, will these be detailed this time in an update list?

Also, do you think that T10 would ever consider announcing their longer term plan for FM5? This would certainly go a long way to answer many of the burning questions and complaints in these forums and put an end to rumors and speculation. From a marketing side, I just can’t see a downfall to doing this and if anything may help to get more people over to FM5 that are still on the fence. Leaving everyone guessing about the future seems to be detrimental.

Thank you for shedding any possible light on these questions.



I could not agree more, I wish they would open up as well.

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Great news so far! Nice !!

I got two words for this: Yay!

I know. That’s only one word, but this announcement made me so happy, I said it twice.

Tracks would be just dandy, i thank you.

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Can’t say we haven’t been trying to uphold our end of the bargain on that front really post-launch.


Im pretty sure people would accept Tracks that dont look as “Beautiful” as the ones on the game to have more content

Great news for the Season Pass owners, I don’t have it, but it’s gonna make a lot of people happy, and that’s always good.
Btw… Fujimi Kaido confirmed? Just kidding.

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Great news for car pass buyers, but I’m willing to bet many would trade these ‘expansions’ for some much needed game updates/fixes.


Every day of the week.




Hitting the nail on the head. Whats the point of more cars…


Sorry to be off topic, but I wonder why they didn’t make the UPGRADE menu, the same as the PAINT menu. The paint menu has everything up top, nice and neat and more importantly the menu option “MY DESIGNS” where you can collectively look at all of your designs. Wouldn’t that be awesome to do that with “MY TUNES” without ever having to get into each and every car?

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…sorry for being negative…but…

more cars are nice, I guess…don’t get me wrong…you could keep pumping them out indefinitely, and I’d keep buying them…but thats not really whats missing from the experience. In fact, I’d say skip these car packs, and put the time and effort into tracks, and polishing the game. By polish, of course i’m referring to the myriad of issues which are pummeled into the ground daily on these boards, and across the web. This is said not by a long time Forza owner, but someone who is new to the xbox brand, and forza series. This isn’t the game I researched prior to deciding on xbox/forza…its like some over focus grouped, confused mess… A big beautiful pie…without the filling…because someone was afraid the filling would offend some people.
…just meh…


The extra packs are a really nice gesture. Thanks T10.

Thanks but more important things to be resolved…



Hmmm… interesting.

Everyone had the theory that the heavily-requested cars would come once the coverage for the Season Pass ended… but now it’s been extended.

Of course, it was just a theory and we don’t know what these two packs will contain, or what the ones after them will. Time will tell, I suppose.

they need 2 more months to finish all the fenzy 2014/2015 models and prototypes…

…jk =)

Really good to see how everything is done right with force atm (not only Turn10, Xbox wide)… really appreciated.

Car pass expansion?! Nice, especially now that we know there are 2 more confirmed packs! Thanks T10