Forza Monthly livestream - September 10

Based on the timing, my guess is that the September content update and cars will release on Tuesday, September 11. I would anticipate a progress update on Experimental Drag and Race Regulations, but not sure if they would be included in the September update.

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It has been said that the September update will be revealed in the forza monthly show on the 10th, any ideas what the update will include???

It will include content that will be revealed during the Forza Monthly show on September 10th.


It may possibly be the drag update, last car pack for the car pass and a few bug fixes…similar to last months plus I think we can also expect a free spotlight car.

a few, lol

What bugs lol

Bugs? You mean the freezing car menus? Getting kicked from a lobby if you are picking a car while map changes? Your Mic still being active towards others after you mute others?

Regardless, those promised regulations would save this game. If not, new assetto is coming 12th Sep.

Of course your mic would be active after you’ve muted others. Just because you muted them doesn’t mean they can’t hear you, you just can’t hear them. If you don’t want them to hear you, then mute your own mic. That’s not a bug.

You missed the point. I can’t talk with friends while racing or everyone will hear it in lobby. If i mute my mic, can’t talk with friends. Should be mute both ways. So it is a bug.

I can’t miss a point if the point isn’t made, either way, it’s not a bug, mute doesn’t work both ways on anything. If you want to talk with your friends then make a party, the people in the lobby can’t hear you that way.

I really hope we get an update on the race regulations. I would be fine with testing and giving feedback in of a pre release version of it in a test hopper or something.

Time of the stream?

As stated 1PM PST

Got it, thanks.

8pm gmt no stream

Still about another hour to go.

Hmmm ok that’s odd. When I Googled 1PM pacific time to CET it said 21h. Guess it’s 22h then.

It is 9pm CET. But Europe is in CEST during summer which is CET+1

Same for GMT and BST inside the UK.

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Same here, the stream was supposed to start 10 minutes ago right? Or am I wrong with time zones?