Forza Monthly livestream Dec. 11

"Mark your calendars, #ForzaMonthly is back next week with some big news. Tune in at Redirecting...

Wed. December 11 at 11am Pacific

Looks like the highly requested Alpine A110 is coming.


Another car from the wishlist, good.


Time to announce the plans for Forza’s future. Is it a launch title etc… Will it work on the Xbox One X and the new console?


We need some big DLC for Horizon 4. Would be awesome. Take my money!


Don’t think so. This sounded like something bigger than that. Those kinds of details are almost ‘expected’ given the history of the series and how things usually go with new console releases. They said that they were surprised that this news had remained secret as long as it has and that it was going to be something ‘unexpected’. Think we’re in store for a different kind of news.

Another expansion would be awesome. Especially something focusing on road going vehicles this time with all the track/race cars we’ve been getting that really should have gone to FM7.


Wow. Very good cars!

What do you think the Eliminator hype is??? #expansion


Wow, no one has talked about this for 3 days??? Strange for this forum. Haha. Looking forward to tomorrow. A new game mode would be good.

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Nothing to complain about yet? LOL.
Should be fun. F7 and FH4 will run longer lives it seems, so fresh stuff to extend life/engagement.
Eliminator could be online drag car meets like they were in FH3, that’d be great to get back.
A Fortune Island offshore bank would work too, for the guys sitting on hundreds of millions and can’t move it.
We’re in England, so new Jag would be nice, some Rolls-Royce cars too to go with Toyota.
Drivatars in Teslas on autopilot in races? Hysterical.

FM7’s life ended in August mate. No more updates, all teams are now focused on making FM8 the best Motorsport ever ! (… one can dream…)

Shame that I’ll probably miss the stream due to work, hopefully i can catch some parts of it when business slows down throughout the day

When it starts? I don’t understand why there is no right time :frowning:

11:00 PST, which is UTC -8hr so UTC 1900
CZ is UTC +1 so 2000
Assumed you’re in CZ

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Cool, thanks. I can rearrange it according to GMT but PST is too much. Daylight saving is the culprit! :smiley:

Just under 1 hour from now, when this link shows 11:00 am:

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Thank you!

First up: The Eliminator is a Battle Royale feature available tomorrow.

Supra coverage now.

How to get it:

  • Play one round of The Eliminator, or
  • Buy it from the Autoshow

Other cars coming in Series 17:
Alpine A110 as the 50% series completion reward.
Mercury Cougar Eliminator
Renault Clio RS 197
Renault Sport Clio V6
Renault Clio R.S. 16 Concept
Renault Megane R26.R
Renault Megane R.S. '18
Toyota Supra RZ


VERY glad to see Renault finally gets some more love. If only it’s fellow French stablemates could get the same.

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