Forza Merchandise

Hello everyone,
I’ve noticed that the Forza Merchandise section is gone, and that sucks. Loved the mugs, shirts and all the stuff in the Paddock Pack. In addition, i’ve spotted new Forza 6 merchandise that was given to E3 attendees (links below). What I’m curious about is, would you like to see merchandise return? Examples of new content: USB lanyards, Hoodies, Phone Cases, other 10th anniversary products etc. Curious to see what the community thinks!

Forza 6 Pin
Forza 6 10th Anniversary shirt

Honestly, I’ve never bought any merchandise so, no, I guess I don’t really care that much.

I picked up the Paddock Edition when it went on sale last year and I am thoroughly happy with the contents and quality. Now, I wait patiently for any news on a Forza Motorsport 6 Collector’s Edition to see if any more goodies will be made available; but, as for the Forza merchandise store, unfortunately, I think it has seen its final days.

I found the Paddock edition at

I didint know there was any merch in the first place?

If I did id probably have grabbed a few things

Wasn’t it all absurdly overpriced anyway?

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I believe it was more the shipping costs than the products themselves, especially to the UK

Woah. Hadn’t noticed. Very happy I got my mug before they disappeared.