Forza Le Mans hopper for race fans!

Just doing a little promo of the Forza Le Mans multi class hopper for fans of Le Mans racing, (or just R class cars in general), for those of you still playing Forza 4 online. Its one of the few ‘realistic racing’ hoppers available in FM4, and therefore the majority of players are good clean racers.

However as you all know the online MP in FM4 isn’t the best, thus it usually splits the 10-15 (if lucky) players online into 2 or 3 lobbies… And the CPU players are stock, and often laggy, so they’re terrible to race against. The point being: if you play online try and find the lobby with the most people, and BE PATIENT and don’t skip out just cause the race is already in progress. It would make the racing much better if everyone did.

Plus being loosly based on real world LM/WEC/ALMS/TUSCC race series’, the cars are all very balanced either stock or upgraded. All of which makes PvP racing better.

Also hit me up with a friend request if you race, or would like to race in the FLM hopper. As a race fan, its the only reason I get on Forza, and its helped to extend the longevity of the game.