Forza keeps crashing in online adventure

Yeah as the title says, my game keeps crashing/screen turns grey and throws me to my desktop. My game has crashed on me like 5 times in online adventure today trying to do the forzathon to get the lola racing car…

Does anyone else experience this problem?

Does anyone know what the problem could be?

I normally never experience this problem fyi.

Switched from my lan network to my mobile phones wifi and it seemed to work out for the best

Facing the same problem, made it to 3/4 and then CTD. Then jumped into a 2/4 game, finished that single race, CTD in the interlude to the next race.

Does this have anything to do with players joining from certain regions, then maybe our “distance” from those players is too far, something happens and we get dropped/CTD?

3rd attempt as of this post, hope I get just one successful run without wasting any more time than I need to.

I had this problem all night long, and as soon as I set my game to run as close as if it was running on xbox one, it worked totally right.

So please try this and tell us later. Resolution 1600x900, frames locked to 30fps, pre rendered frame to 1, no blur, videosync OFF, medium settings, dynamic ON

Try this, even if your pc can run much more than this, but still let´s give it a try, and see if your game will be much more stable if you do these changes (basically we are demanding the same as an xbox one).

Good luck my friend, nobody here seems to care. There is 100s of threads with the same problem and no single response given by the developers of this game about PC users constantly crashing.

Already made a summary thread couple days back: Forza Motorsport Forums

I dont think its a regional problem but a problem with the audio system in FH3 or something like that, all my crashes are coming form the same source. When disabling my microphone it crashes less but still random could be 5 mins or after 30+ mins.

But to be honest i shouldnt disable microphone just to play a game…I am like on Discord with friends during the day, i cant even play FH3 with them because i can’t speak or i can speak and take chance i wont be finishing any race any time soon.

Such a shame for such a nice game

I guess I got lucky for now, completed this yesterday (as of my local time). I kept trying for another 2 hours or so, maybe more, did not notice the suggestions here. Much as I resent the time wasted that could be used on other things, at least I managed to do a 4-round session long enough without CTD and got the car.

Think I CTD’d some time after that doing something else, forgot when or where it happened (online or solo). All I knew was that when it hit (and after double-checking that I had the car), I just took it as an abrupt exit to call it a day…

I’m always both mic/speakers off. Can’t stand the behaviour of most players in freeroam or in open races where it’s block and (sometimes) ramming. (I can tolerate some blocks and maybe a ram or two, but things tend to go out of hand after the 2nd hit). But I won’t play collisions off because I find it weird ghosting through grass and lampposts.

Besides that I still have the no new barn find / no new recruitable drivatars bug, and not being able to use the C63 PO, but those are other topics…