Forza is so broken

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Everything about the game seems hollow and pointless. Lets take a few quick examples . since forza 5 they have leaned on online play to heavily. time trials have suffered the most career mode is a sad joke . track choice is absolulty pathetic . id say at this point gran turismo has taken the lead in just about every category , even the hud is better . but for real its just sad we have a game that forces loot boxes on people for zero reason . why cant i just buy the driver gear i want, i have to dice roll for crap I already own . everything is turning into a damn dice roll.

If i was going to make forza i would do some simple things . first id go back to forza 1 and grab the skelwton of that game stuff it in the limp lifeless meat sack that is forza 7 and filter it through horizon 3 . forza 1 is still the best game in the series. it has something for every style of racer . thats what is missing .

Forza needs to be given a track class system , so p plass would be sectioned and point to point. r class would be real world tracks and historic races like monte carlo or isle of mann . f class would be forza original or fanatsy tracks. Like dubai or maple valley. d class would be drift courses and drift roads. X class would be open world styled rally races . its hard to imagine turn10 even being able to accomplish this goal they can barely handle forza 7 with just regular tracks . how long did it take for dynamic weather in game .

We also need more tools like time trials not just rivals but a full in game off line record book . what is the point of showing a split time if there is no way to view your lap times or splits in a simple top down track sectional view. We also meed an ingame augmented reality system that can set brake points and show track limits. The race line is old and busted we should be able to adjust the race line or load in our time ghosts race line to follow .

This game lacks so much. We have rally cars and trophy trucks racing on pavement . why ??? Why would they spent time and effort to put jeeps and off road trucks in a game with no hill climbs . forza 1 was so much better in every way . you could do technical street races . hour long draft battles at a huge oval . i miss those good old days when the game was innovative . i want to play forza 7 but i cant even do freeplay time trails becuase the ghost is broken… Come on mann wassup wit dat yo ???

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iRacing for the win.