Forza, i tease you because you’re my favourite

6 people are hired by Playground Games to fill programmer positions for Forza Horizon. They all go to the recruiters office to get assigned.
The recruiter asks them all the same question “How good are you at programming?”

The first new hire replies “I’m very good, I’ve won awards”.
“Okay” says the recruiter “You go work in graphics”

The second new hire replies “I can program most things, but there is some stuff I know nothing about”.
“Okay” says the recruiter “You go work in the physics department”

The third new hire replies “I’ve never programmed a day in my life”.
“Okay” says the recruiter “You go work in user interface and secondary features”

The fourth new hire replies “What is programming?”.
“Okay” says the recruiter “You go work in sound”

The fifth new hire replies “nyk buzz grr dingle dingle ahroo ”.
“Okay” says the recruiter “You go work in A.I.”.

The sixth new hire replies “Please call for help, I think I’m dying!”.
“Okay” says the recruiter “You go work in quality control and bug fixing”.

As they are leaving the recruiters office the fifth new hire says “unaha unaha flappy wombat tumtum”.
“That reminds me” responds the recruiter “We don’t actually do any work in the A.I. department, so we’re going to need you to help out the other departments from time to time”.


You forgot about the new hire who had previously worked on freemium mobile gambling apps who was hired to do the game design.

I don’t actually understand the joke. But the roles in the joke are way off… lol!

The game has decent Ai, but such a popular game as this deserves the best Ai. Hardly anyone in England can program top Ai.

If you’ve played other racers you’d know that isn’t close to being true, sadly.

The OP’s joke is on point because it’s like some of the major stuff in this game has been done by people who really just do not have any idea what they’re doing. The AI is a perfect example of that. It’s like it’s a placeholder and they meant to go back and actually do a proper job on it later, and they forgot or just don’t care.

I’ve been playing a bit of the 14 year old game Ridge Racer 7 recently, the AI in that is great. It is fast and competitive, but in a realistic manner, it’s like you’re playing with very good human players, they don’t ram you, they don’t slow down inappropriately or block you artificially so their AI team mates can win. I’ve played lots of racing games, the AI in all of them ranges from passable to good to excellent. Only Forza’s ranks as abysmal. To the extent that I would really only recommend it to people as a multiplayer game, or one to do rivals or stunts. Don’t buy this expecting to get passable single player racing. Same goes for the Motorsport games.

Here’s some good racing in Ridge Racer… good replays too, something else Forza can’t get right.

It depends what you mean by good Ai then, because ramming, and slowing down is realistic Ai, that’s what humans do. I actually think that an improved Ai would have more ramming, and slowing down imitating real people. Really though Ridge Racer 7 was pretty terrible with a fake slide, and no gravity effects. The Ai in Ridge Racer follow tracks pretty rigidly, they skid very mechanically, and line up like trains. I don’t think that Ridge Racer 7 is a good example of realistic Ai… it may not have any Ai at all… just track following.

I think I’m gonna sig your thread title, because that’s how I feel, lol.

I slam PG hard. Maybe harder than I should, because pandemics have slowed everyone down. But I do it because I enjoy the game. Look up my gamertag, see how much I’ve played. The game could be incredible but PG is content with “nice”.

“unaha unaha flappy wombat tumtum” :joy:
the “flappy wombat” part got me.

I think the AI is not THAT bad, it´s just totally stupid sometimes, it definitely needs work.

I.e traffic going around a roundabout for 3 minutes straight.

I’d hate to see what words OP would use for whoever was in charge of the loading screen + pre-race music.

I think the game was programmed by a group of psychopaths who escaped from their Wards and are no longer taking their medication, but I love it anyway! :slight_smile: