What is wrong with the FORZA HUB? Please stop lying to me about gifted credits I never receive. We are all sick of your propaganda and all of the promises you never keep. Do the community a favor and stick FORZA HUB where the sun don’t shine.

[Mod Edit - Thank you for your well measured feedback. You can stick it send it in an email to the developers at If you’re referring to missing any Rewards this week, it seems to be an issue affecting all players using both Hub and web and is already heavily reported in the Tech Support forum. If you’re referring to the total amount indicated in the Hub, all you need to know is that this is your lifetime redemption total. The maximum anyone can receive in a given redemption is 500,000 CR if you’ve reached Tier 12. The breakdown by Tiers can be found in the Forza Rewards FAQ in the News forum. - MM]