Forza Hub vs web rewards discrepancy

The maximum score in the application Forza Hub (W10) and in the web are different, 19000 and 20000 respectively.
In the application says that I am missing 1645 pts for the following class (I am class 11) but in punctuation says that I have 18355/19000
On the web it says that I have already reached the maximum of class, and therefore does not show me how much I miss for the next one.and the punctuation puts 18355/20000
The total of really available points, totaling all of the guesgos is 19000
Correct both to show the same data, both sites
I wrote here why I can not create a new thread in the rewards forum
Sorry for my English that is very bad, and I use an automaticp translator :slight_smile:
Thank you

The maximum tier is 11 whether the total is 19000 or 20000
There is no tier 12 yet…wont be till the next game is released
Even if you got to 19000 you would still be tier 11 so i wouldn’t worry about it yet…