Forza Hub says one amount of money, and pays me another.

This is the second time ForzaHub has told me I will be gifted 750,000cr on FM7 alone, yeilding 1,500,000 after said and done have only given me 125,000cr each time. What gives?

you are seeing your total redeemed rewards not your weekly rewards

weekly rewards credits starting FM7

tier amount
2 25,000
3 50,000
4 75,000
5 100,000
6 125,000
7 175,000
8 225,000
9 275,000
10 350,000
11 425,000
12 500,000

that is all you get per week, no exceptions, you won’t get a higher amount than what you are entitled to

No exceptions?

I’m tier 11 yet I get only 350,000.

yeh that’s another bug that’s been discussed in numerous other threads
RaindancerAU has a good theory on what is causing that error too

no exceptions as in you wont get more than what you are entitled to