Forza Hub Rewards!

Hey y’all!

Terribly sorry if this exists elsewhere already, but could someone answer me a quick question?

In regards to Forza hub, an app I’ve been using and enjoying since its launch (cause who doesn’t enjoy free money!?) I have understood it for a while now, check in every month or so for more free credits. sounds easy enough, right?

but the recent update has been confusing me, the whole point based reward service throws me for a loop. I’m a tier 4 and fairly close to the next tier. but how do i get there? how do I obtain the necessary points?

is it just by playing? or are there challenges I need to complete?? please help asap.



Expand each game to see how points are earned

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thanks! a simple answer but it really helped

There are a number of FAQs that can help with these questions - this one of for the Rewards program.