Forza Hub rewards list

Hey, is there some kind of list stating what amount of credits I should be receiving in FM7 based on my level in Forza Hub? When I got FM7, I was level 4. Collecting my rewards in Forza Hub, the message said I would receive 275.000 credits, but I only ever got 75.000. Now I’m level 5 and should receive 350.000 according to Forza Hub, but I still only get 75k… What is up with that? (And I’ve been at level 4 for months before purchasing FM7)

weekly rewards credits starting FM7

2 25,000
3 50,000
4 75,000
5 100,000
6 125,000
7 175,000
8 225,000
9 275,000
10 350,000
11 425,000
12 500,000

these are weekly maximums too
the amount you see 275k is a total of your weekly rewards or the total you have claimed overall since you started playing
there is also an issue where increased tier levels don’t get the correct updated rewards too

there are lots and lots of threads on this issue too
main thread is the main rewards thread