Forza Hub Rewards issue after March 2018 update to Forza 7 [XBOX]

Since the March update of Forza 7 I have no longer been getting credited with my rewards credits form the Forza Hub app. I open the app after a few days another reward is ready to claim. ai load in to Forza 7 and a notification is on the home screen. I go to rewards press A to download credits as usual but instead of going to download them as normal it simply goes back to the previous screen but now the gifted credits has gone from the gift tab but the credits have not added in to my account. This has now happened twice and as I’m a tier 9 and now get 225,000 credits each time the rewards renew that’s 550,000 credits I’ve missed out on which is rather annoying. In addition the tier 9 badge has also not unlocked as my reward tier went up while playing Forza 7 it doesn’t seem to have recognised the change and given me the tier 9 badge. Thanks for any assistance. Buffmychicken

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Happening to me too but FYI, 225k times two is 450k.

I’m missing a cool mil.

Yep that was a bit of a brain fart on my part.

I’m having this issue too, pretty much every Friday since November I’ve redeemed the reward in FM5, FM6, FM7 and FH2, last week was my first with FH3 and it actually backdated them for me which was great, but then FM7 I didn’t even get the gift message last week.

This week FM7 and FH3 don’t have the message though the others still did! Kinda frustrating as I’ve probably the least cash on FM7, I’ve emailed them but read in a few places that they’re not great at responding!

Make sure your NAT doesn’t read Restricted or Moderate but Open
If you are on console follow the correct protocols in place to open your NAT on console.
Make sure your router’s UPnP is enabled if you are not using port forwarding to open your NAT.

The same thing is happening for me. Terminus Ext is my username. I’m Tier 7 so it’s 250k I’m missing out on. :cry: Thanks for any and all help ladies and gents.

I’m glad I found this forum for this issue all of us are having. I’m also happy to know someone else knows this is happening I thought I was going crazy & it was just me. I would say I’m missing about 750k worth of credits going back a few weeks. I’m on the xbox one , my gamertag is xXMystikDazeXx. I’ll probably forget about that I even posted this just send me a msg once this has been fixed so I know cause this is pretty frustrating some cars aren’t cheap in the game so any credits I can get help