Forza Hub Problems

Its saying i have no points at all, yet i have played FH2 on xbox one and 360, and fast and furious on 360. When looking at friends to compare scores, there are people with more points than me who i know dont even play the games. Why is it not letting me move to tier2 or showing my progress?

Any game play on 360 does not count towards forza rewards. Only on Xbox 1

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to add to that answer from matcs28detb, fast and furious, horizon 2 and motorsports 5 reward points are only available on the xb1 console.

reward points came to an end on the 360 console with the original horizon game.

I only got 600 000 this month when i usually egt 2.1million

read this post

especially this bit

Weekly Payouts in August

For the month of August, we’re making some important changes to Rewards payouts. The biggest news is that, for at least the month of August, Forza Rewards payouts will move to a weekly cadence. New rewards will be made available every Friday, beginning on July 31 (yes, we’re starting a day early!) As always these Rewards will be available either on the Forza Rewards section of or on the Forza Hub app on Xbox One.

To celebrate our new rewards cadence, we’re doubling the total credit rewards available in the month of August! For example, a player who would have earned 100,000 credits per game in July will now earn 200,000 credits per game in August, with the total credits amount divided among weekly payments. Please note that these rewards will expire each week, so make sure you come back to Forza Hub every Friday to check in on the latest Forza community news and claim your weekly credits!

I’m having a similar problem. I should have all the points for FH2: Fast and Furious (Xbox One), but it’s only showing the points I got from achievements. Some of those achievements you can only get by getting the cars, yet the Hub shows 0 cars. It’s been a few weeks since I completed all of FH2:FF, and the Hub hasn’t been updated with those points. Also, with the recent change in Tiers I figured they would have gone back and updated all their data, but the points are still missing.

Any ideas when the FH2: FF points will be updated?

This is what i meant to explain. This is my problem. I understand about it being just for xbox one, but nothing i have done in FH2 on xbox one is showing in the hub. The above post is my exact problem.

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I am having a similar problem with Forza Hub for Forza 6. I have played the game for the last few days now and it will not update. When I log into Forza Hub it shows I have achievements, but none of the scores are adding up for points. This means I cannot move up in the Tier system. Just wondering when to do!

Hope this all gets fixed and sorted sooner rather than later or not at all

Thanks for the reply Funky Drunk, it’s nice to see a response from the devs. In the last 6 hours, my FH2: Fast & Furious score corrected itself! I’ve got the points I was expecting. I imagine they’re moving through all the Forzas, as my Forza 3 score hasn’t updated yet. But this was an encouraging sign!

I think that the points server is down right now. I say that because I am no longer receiving points for progress in any game.

The statement that you can’t earn points on 360 games is incorrect. At least in the last 3 weeks it hasn’t been true. Just before the release of FM6 I went back to a 360 and played 3, 4, and horizon. I accumulated a large amount of new points and increased my forza teir as well. I also made sure to get my car counts up to 300+ for the pre release reward for CD in FM6.

No points have been updating for me last few days… Generally when this has happened in the past, it catches up soon… Requires you to log in using live (so console must be online) and play game though… I usually try to achieve something new… Let it save, and then give the website a couple days before expecting to see points shore up.

You don’t earn points on the 360 versions of fast n furious and horizon 2. .only those 2 games earn you no rewards points
Some people only tell half the story or read half the statement and this is why it gets blurry

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Hi there,

I am also having problems with My points being added.
Last Friday (18 September) is the last day it’s being updated.
I played fm5 fmh2 and fm6.

I should now have over a 1000 points more then I am now.

Hope this will be fixed.

I’m having the same issue, I’ve had Horizon 2 since last week or the beginning of this week and don’t have any points at all (or cars, etc.) in Forza Hub for Horizon 2.

It says on my forza hub that i dont have any points on forza 6 and that i should buy it from the xbox store. Ive been playing forza for the past 2 weeks. Ive tried uninstalling and unstalling the forza hub app but the problem still persists. Any help

The Rewards, and as a result the Forza Hub, are far from up to date - they may eventually get sorted.

More info in the Forza Rewards FAQ.

I have 1000 G on the two versions of FH2: F&F (Xbox 360 and Xbox One) but Forza hub doesn’t update my gamerscore, same thing happens on my cars owned on forza Horizon (Xbox 360), I have almost 50 cars and forza hub shows me 0 cars… any help?

Only T10 can help and thy just don’t seem interested in getting the Rewards program functioning properly or even consistently.