Forza Hub not updating

Forza hub is not updating, or only selectively updating my data for a couple of weeks now.

Forza 7’s “days played” have been updated correctly and promptly, but for Horizon 4 only my “Gamerscore” has been updated (no days played, miles driven, cars owner etc etc).

It used to take a couple of days to update some of these stats, but now it is taking too long. Is there a way to force and update? Does anyone else have this problem? How long will it take to reflect the changes?

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Check the support page
There’s plenty of threads on this issue

The Forza Hub stats, numbers, levels, scores, reward tiers, etc. have not updated reliably and accurately for years and years. And there has been seemingly no effort to fix it by T10/PG. Many people do not even pay attention to what the Hub shows because much of the time it’s wrong.

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This is the same old story every now and again it happens myforza horizon never updated for over 3 months one time it will update eventually when you least expect it to just keep checking possibly they might check it when they get back from the holidays just a waiting game unfortunately mate

My FH4 stats aren’t updating in the Forza hub either.