Forza Hub not available

I’m sorry if this doesn’t fit here or if something similar has already been posted (couldn’t find anything).
I wanted to unlock the free Nissan GT-R from Forza Hub. I downloaded the App on the Windows Store and when I open it it tells me “Sorry. Forza Hub is currently not available. Please try again later”
and then I have the options to try again (resulting in the same) or visit
Do I have to start the Hub when Forza is open? I’ve been trying since yesterday with the same result.
Thanks in advance

You don’t need Forza Motorsport 6: Apex to be open to access the Forza Hub. Some users have experienced some intermittent issues with accessing the hub recently and we’re investigating. I would recommend you keep on trying and it should work eventually.

same like u any update ?

Yeah i couldn’t sign in to hub this morning at all. Just got the spinning circle, it’s just signed itself in about 5 minutes ago. lol