Forza Hub My Forza Total Score broken

Hey Turn10, the My Forza Total Forza Score display is broken. After the latest bonus payout, the Total Score display reads “Play on October 3!”. Doesn’t display your Forza 7 score.

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Mine’s the same too… :frowning:

I’m having the same issue. What’s the story?

Apparently, Turn 10 couldn’t care less about this problem. This seems to be the case. The least they could do is say “We’re looking into it.”.

they have already said they are investigating in a few of the other multitude of threads on the same issue weeks , even months ago

Thank you very much!!!

Still looking into it? It would be nice to see something about the status of the problem in that space, rather than the “Play on Oct 3” that currently displays.
Actually, it would be nice to have a link to all of these forums directly in the Forza Hub.

Turn 10/Microsoft Studios…are you still looking into this issue? Please get it fixed! It bugs the hell out of me!