Forza Hub has been "currently unavailable" for months. Can't access rewards.

I haven’t been able to access Forza Hub for quite some time now. I have uninstalled and reinstalled countless times, but to no avail. I also cannot access the REWARDS section on here either. I started having issues a couple of months into playing Forza 7, where I was taking in-game photos. Perhaps there’s something wrong with my account? Some assistance would be appreciated. Getting ready for Horizon 4. :smiley:

  • FatChickThri11a
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Please, can I please get some assistance.

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If you’re using the Forza Hub for Windows 10, click the settings (bottom left icon and make sure you’ve ticked the join option. That’s allI can think of apart from relaxing app privacy settings.

Yeah, I have already attempted that numerous times. I believe it’s an issue with my account. Is there a way I can escalate this issue?

Try emailing t10 at