Forza Horizon2, getting disconnected and kicked out of the game and much more !

I have used the Xbox for a very long time, I am a race Fanatic, I have never seen connexions act so badly on Microsoft servers for the xbox360, in my life before! In the contrary, I did see this on Playstation Network, that’s why I left aside the Playstation Console completely. Why is it so obvious for many of us out there, that Microsoft does not care anymore about The Servers made for The xbox 360!? The servers have always worked, Please Keep it that way until the xbox 360 support stops at the end of 2016. I’ve been unlucky with Microsoft hardware, in the sin that I’ve given out much to much money than I should have done in the first place, I started gaming on the PC in the 90’s, I bought a PC and hardware to go with it, all Microsoft controllers, like A Steering Wheel and Joy Sticks from the Sidewinder line, really great hardware, they were perfect and great to use on racing and flight simulation games!! But that was short lived, I had no Idea that they would drop that specific hardware support on Windows 98, I was sad because I just bought them shortly before I heard that, but anyway I bought another Sidewinder USB Steering Wheel that was supported and kept on gaming for as long as that lasted. I also had console problems with e first Xbox 360’s that came out, I have had 4 of those, witch somehow, two I managed to get replaced and/or repaired, sending them back four times, one of them I chucked away, because I was just fed-up and got the new version of the xbox360, I still use two Xbox 360 and have 3 profiles that We continually use, I also have used 4 original Microsoft Steering wheels on the xbox, one was not supported almost immediately because it was version v1, that also had power supply issues and the others were not in warranty for replacement parts, I must say that they were great steering wheels otherwise, except for the gear paddles that kept breaking, I kept repairing as well as I could! But money quality wise in average was OK ! until that steering wheel is not supported anymore neither, so I had to buy a Fanatec Steering Wheel supported By Microsoft, so You see My problem?! We have so many games that have not even being played much, it’s just money chucked out the window really. I’m sad to see this over and over again, there are mistakes we make personally but I can live with that, it’s the ones that I have no say about that bothers me. But I guess I’m just unlucky !?

Signed By someone who wished He didn’t have these Costs and very Annoying Problems :frowning:

I honestly have no idea of what you just said.

Also this is the Forza Horizon 2 discussion forum which is probably not a place to discuss your Xbox 360 problems.

Sorry, but I think You are not interested in what I said, or I think You have not read what I wrote to start with, or maybe I think You have no intention of understanding, mine and many others frustration over the years, Or maybe You are only interested in your Tier rank?! I started a sin that has a lot to do with Forza Horizon 2, or have You not read that?! if so, I think You are arrogant not to acknowledge that. I am talking about the whole package of facts I have endured over the years, You can try and mok my post but the facts are facts to ‘‘The Worlds Real Old Players’’ I think if You do not acknowledge this, You must be a Young gamer that has little to no experience of the pasts tumultuous waters that have past under Our bridges?! if You have experienced these facts which I mentioned, I am sure You would not reply to my post in such a way, I am 58 years old, I know what I am talking about. Now wipe Your nose and go and change Your Diapers please ?! I only demand a little more respect, wouldn’t You?! :wink:

I read tour post and I still do not understand your point and what do steering wheels have to do with disconnecting?

I’m 52 been playing forza since the original xbox…I still have all my forza games, and all the consoles, which still work, I have never connected by wireless and I have never had any issues with any of my games…seems like you might have some bad luck, or you have possibly created some of your own problems…insults won’t get you much help from the comunity

Hallo hipwader62x, I have only problems with Forza Horizon2, I hope that We are not denying the facts out there ?!

If you are using the xbox one, how often if ever have you rebooted your machine? hold the button down till it shut’s off wait 10 sec and turn on again, usually fixes conection issues…also try searching the forums for fixes for routers that may be the issue, if your using the 360, then please be specific as it is a totally different game

I’m still using the Xbox 360, as I clearly stated, Please read my first statement and reply accordingly. It’s important that Forza Horizon 2, like any other game on the Xbox 360, should work accordingly, It’s mostly Server problems that I’m talking about, they should be sustained and kept in good quality as always, until the end of the Xbox 360 life support.

Because it’s hard too read, plus your ranting about after market accessories does not belong here, as it not turn 10’s problem, connection issues quite likely originate on your end…your long rant is not very specific is it?

It’s hard to read for those that have little to no experience or intention of acknowledging what I stated, What are You to this Forum if You do not understand that Forza '‘Turn10’ is a Microsoft business card to their gaming world?! I stated my opinion about this game and added some extra frustrated remarks that I found needed to be said. The hardware I am writing about, Are Microsoft Hardware! they are not just aftermarket stuff! You should find no problem with this, of course, if You have no other intentions?! What is Your intention? What do You want to hear? only happy things? Are You trying to detour my argument from the issues that I mentioned? I have mentioned My opinion about ‘‘The Good and The Bad’’ that I found in Microsoft’s totaal quality products several times, but have had very little to no satisfactory reply from Microsoft. Now You few guys turn up on my post and show no concern or add any intelligent remark that I could appreciate, instead I think You Guys know little to nothing or are avoiding facts. Do any of You Guys use a Steering Wheel? and if Yes, then We can talk more appropriately and surely understand what I mean! You can’t understand if You have never used a Steering Wheel and You are playing on the Xbox One!

I stand by my last comment…judging by how many other’s have responded…not sure if your going to get the answers you seek…so rant away on deaf ears…bye

You might check with Xbox Support:

They are listing problems on Xbox 360 currently.

My wish:
The Servers for Xbox 360 on Horizon 2, should work well, as We are all used to.

I prefer something like this to really see what is going on with the online gaming in general, I don’t like denial !

What you prefer is what we all want, but we only can assist so much when someone doesn’t take the suggestions.

I take suggestions but I find most of them so simple and of no use, you may or have no idea how irritating that is. I’m sorry if I may say, It looks like a lot of You know little about or ‘‘again’’ are acting in Denial. It does not matter where I post on a Microsoft related post, Denial is the Pay Back Game to Play.
Thanks to the ones acting in good faith, Your help is not gone in vain, ‘‘For Someone out there’’
Enough said and Bye Bye then :wink:

again, what do steering wheels have to do with disconnecting anyway?

I see You don’t read what I wrote impanther2002, Read as I have explained why I did that. Connexions are still very bad for Forza Horizon 2 on the Xbox 360, You seem to not acknowledge that neither, what is your purpose? Can You give Me some Info on why? no! Ok then You can’t, otherwise You or someone else would have given Me some answers, can You imagine My frustration ? All I have heard is that the problem is on my side, which is not true! I guess You can’t help Me. Please don’t ask Me again Why I mention Steering Wheels, it’s obvious to Me why I did that, = Frustration!