Forza Horizon xbox 360 storage/games and apps/forza horzion

It says i have April TopGear Car Pack, December IGN Car Pack, March Meguiar’s Car Pack, October Car Pack. but in the xbox 360 marketplace and in game marketplace it doesnt show me that i have them. But on my xbox 360 settings/storage/hard drive/games and apps/forza horzion it says i have those 4 packs i mentioned above. I do Have pictures showing that it tells me i have in my settings/storage/hard drive/games and apps/forza horzion but for some reason it only allows me to add image urls so i cant upload them because they are on my computer…

Check the links in this thread by ManteoMax - you may have downloaded the free car in each pack which would mean the pack is on your Xbox but you can only use ONE of the cars in the pack (The Chevy Bel Air from the October pack being one example).

Okay thanks with you saying that makes it more clear for me thanks I’m pretty sure I have done that thanks again