Forza Horizon with cops and pursuits. What do you think?

Wish: Forza Horizon 3 with cops. Races are the same as now, but when you are not racing, just free roaming, you can mess around with police if you infringe the law. Ultimate pursuits with our tuned cars.

Wouldn’t it be amazing?



Please no.


Really? Ok, just forget it…

Need for Speed is Need for Speed.

Forza Horizon 2 is Forza Horizon 2.

GTAV is not MCLA.


Horizon has already ruined he Motorsport series by allowing kids to think it’s okay to ram on track, no more!

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I agree! It should be implemented in normal “free roam”, not the mode, but just when you’re driving around. In free roam, if you start chasing cars around they make every effort to evade, so the base functionality already exists for a cop chase. It should work like this, you’re just driving about and you see a cop car, you provoke a chase by ramming it, and the chase is on with sirens wailing and lights flashing. If caught, you are arrested and taken to jail and the race ends with having an arrest record, the more you have the more derelict points you accumulate. When FH2 was first launched, I swore I saw a cop car chasing someone around in free roam with lights flashing !!!

I thought about it because I feel like free roam is a little lack of sense of purpose.

Also, I was playing Need for Speed last weekend, and I thought: ‘If only I could do this in Horizon 2, with Forza cars, Forza game engine and Horizon 2 map, it would be much better!’


The purpose is to enjoy the car and the roads, without restrictions or distractions, like police. It would completely ruin free roam.

Horizon lets us drive around relatively peacefully, except for random drivatars crashing into you, but that’s not too dissimilar to the Motorsport series I guess.

If enjoying the car is not enough for you, then yes, stick to GTA and NFS and stay out of Forza multiplayer.

Or Turn 10 could create a third title with police and guns and helicopters and hookers or whatever other junk you would like to introduce to distract from the cars and driving and just leave Horizon alone.


Well, we already have chases in multiplayer, I’ve just realized…

Car chases are fine. Chasing cars is fun, but being chased is even funnier. I still want to be chased in Forza Horizon.


I get where your coming from I really do, I personally just don’t think it’s right for the game. Personally I think one way to solve to solve it would have a 10x bigger map. Also nothing beats a nice themed cruise and tunnel blasting. Usually up for one if it helps


THAT. If it were my game, in lieu of FH3, I would call it the FH3 expansion, build on the current map and cars expanding into the Swiss Alps (think touge) and beyond. I just don’t feel the NFS style is right for this series.

Well to me that is another game mode and I’d be all for it as long as it didnt have to come with wailing sirens.

Oh and optional participation.

i like f2 because of no cops i like being able to drive without having to worry about cops busting me maybe with an enable and disable function though

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In every sense of the word, no.

Horizon 2 is great because you can do your own thing without having to stop and run from the cops. The constant wail of sirens and having to waste time escaping from them is the dullest game loop in the world and I can absolutely do without it.


how about as just a online mode? 8 are cops… 8 are drivers you have to survive a time limit without getting rolled, pinned ect. Horizon needs more random modes like this for online! it’s always the same stuff. if anything they are cutting back on these such modes even though horizon is supposed to be a free spirit

That is pretty much what infection and king are. Just not as many of the “cops” at the beginning of the match.

I’m with the others about let NFS be NFS, and leave NFS out of Forza. Don’t get me wrong, my favorite NFS is Hot Pursuit (never really got into Rivals), but Forza is a different series all together. I do like both series’, but I don’t think they should be combined. But that is my opinion.

I would try other NFS games, if they weren’t published by EA. Not a big fan of that company after they botched the NASCAR games years back. But that’s a story for a different time.

I absolutely love horizon just the way it is. Cops in it could be a deal breaker, so a big fat NO for me.

I say bring the cop chase in FH2 !!!