why is it that the previous games are so much better than the current ones. forza horizon 3 was a total waste of money for me I found the game so boring its not funny. and i am from Australia

playing now forza 2 and its way better. I am a forza motorsport player and I do enjoy the games. I find it hard to navigate thru the off road challenges I cant see where I am going.
All the road races are easy for me.
Finally did turn 10 copy this game concept from the atari testdrive games

And you are entitled to your opinion
Personally i found it to be the most enjoyable one yet
Even though the single player campaign was a bit short compared to fh2
But forzathons have kept it going for me…nearly 2 years later…played it non stop for probably the first 12 months


FH3 > FH1 >FH2.

Opinions aren’t facts


I think this can be said for Movies as well, well at least the older ones. Sequels seem to be getting better compared to the originals though.

I respect your opinion, but I think others might disagree, like myself. I love both games and their differences. Forza Three’s more open world was nice change, among others. I think there offroad races and the handling were made much easier in FH3 and more of an obvious differences in the different type of tires.

I love Forza Motorsports when I’m looking for a realistic road race experience and Horizon’s when I just want to have fun and mess around with friends, which is awesome with the open world. I have only been playing the Forza franchise for a little less then two years and have gotten to play all the games quite a bit. All have there better parts and not. FM2 is definitely a favorite for the Motorsport’s.

For the offroad challenges I agree, they can be challenging, but is what I’m best at in FH3. You really have to play it at Chase or Chase Far until you have pretty much memorized the tracks, plus suggestline’s can help with it as well. I prefer Dash Cam and no lines, or brake only depending on how well I know the track.

For the copying of the game, I would say they looked at it and took some ideas, improved on them, took some away, and added their own, which I would say they did, but I didn’t get to play a lot of Test Drive and didn’t care for it that much. A lot of games will have some sort of similarity, some more then others. Look at H1Z1, PUBG, and Fortnite, all very similar.

Since you already own it, I would say, maybe not play it for awhile and try it another time, or stick to the parts you do like when you do.

Looks like FH2 will get more active in a few days when it becomes free on Xbox Live Gold. Might have to pop back to it for a bit play some online.

Hope you find some joy in it since you own it. I

Horizon 2 has the most boring map ever made. Storm Island is good but the regular map is blah. All the same with no city or difference in scenery. Horizon 1 is still my favorite map followed closely by 3. 4 looks a lot like 2 in it’s blandness from what they’ve shown so far. Unless they show some areas that actually look different I may sit this one out. So far it looks really boring other than the fact it’s a very vertical map which could be fun.

‘Mate’, Horizon 3 is what it is. Nobody forced you to buy it - and neither does it say on the game cover that it will make you laugh (found the game so boring its not funny).

You probably had a go at the game demo right? That was enough to decide whether to buy or not to buy. It’s a casual racing game that isn’t supposed to be a simulator for the roads in Australia or real life physics.

Just a difference of opinion is all. Personally, I found FH3 to be the most fun. It has way more things to actually do than FH2 did. FH2 (for me) was a repetitive grind in comparison to the much more open nature and diversity of FH3.

Between the guy (Ben I think was his name) who would never shut up, the constant road trips, the relatively short championships and the lack of variety in side-things to do in the world - FH2 was kinda forgettable. I will say that FH2 did have a better map and some of the tracks were great. If you had FH3 content and mechanics in FH2s world it would be nearly a perfect horizon game.

Forza Horizon 3 and the two dlc’‘s have given me a lot of enjoyment over the past year or two. Australia is just too much fun, it was a brilliant choice for a Forza location, and those wackey aussie accents in the cut scenes are just too entertaining…[I find the location for Forza 4 boring the UK just isn’'t fun like Aus.]

Forza Horizon 3 is not perfect, but they did pretty good with it. Nice races, good feeling, beautiful skies.

Forza Motorsport and Horizon are two different experiences. Rally style driving is way more challenging (not difficult) than track driving. Had the same problem at the beginning, I gave up Horizon almost 2 months, and I came back, being far enough in Motorsport 6. Do the same, start slowly, the off road races can become very frustrating at time, especially when wet. Lower the difficulty for them, and bring it up for road and city racing. I’ve put 300++++ hours in FH3, and I’m still playing. But now it’s mostly with selected friends for races, and games.
FH4 looks great from the demo point. I lived 35 years in Europe and drove all over the place. Can’t wait to do it again even if it’s just through a game.