Forza Horizon Horizon Life 'The Drift Run'

Can Somebody HELP
How can you increase your influence in ‘The Drift Run’. i can’t receive influence anymore. Even if i make a Personal Best. I have done all the drift zones (3 stars) Lego Valley, Fortune Island and Mainland but i can’t complete my card?
Are there new drift zones upcoming?

what do you mean complete
if you have done all those already at 3 stars its complete

Seasonal PR Stunts. But they are quite rare this days. And can you explain the part where you can’t complete your card? If you talking about Star Card getting 90 stars in drift zones you should be ok. There are 20 on mainland and 5 on each expansion.

i am Tier 22 i need 500 to unlock Tier 23 and then there are still 2 Tier to go. Even if i do a better run i don’t receive no more points.
I am trying to complete all the cards and ive got 3 to go so this is not fun.

Like I said. You need Seasonal PR Stunts on Drift Zones for that. But they are rare.

Oke STR3LA, i can’t even remember that there was a Seasonal PR stunt in the last months. I had the same thing in Star Card to complete there was also something like complete 113 and optional 116 but there wasn’t nothing until upadate 20 express delivery. But thanks anyway for the help.

I understand exactly what you are referring to. I have the same problem with both the 'Drift Run" and the “Trail Blazer” progress in My horizon Life. It’s as if they stopped the progress like they did with the “Anything Goes Team Adventure”.
There is no white circle around the icons on those cards in “My Horizon Life” either to show how far you have progressed or if your progress is complete.
For both the drift run and the trail blazer all items are completed with 3 stars but no influence given to move you to higher levels.

Every season change I also visit Fortune Island and Lego Valley, and do PR stunts (as championships don’t reset there).
There is usually at least one trailblazer in Lego Valey per month and two on Fortune Island.
Drift is kinda rare, but sometimes there is one on mainland and one on Fortune Island.

It did took me a while, but I did complete those two eventually.

The problem with the championships in Lego Valley and Fortune Island is like you said they don’t reset, but if you go there just BEFORE the season change and stay there until it has changed you can do the championsships again but you have to choose or Lego Valley or Fortune Island. You will see that all is reset. Then you can go back to Mainland and do the seasonal Championships and PR stunts. I do this all the time so you can get all the rewards again. Hope this is helpfull for you.

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You can get a little closer this week:

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yeh i’ve have seen thanks

Did the Needle Climb seasonal drift on fortune island but still no influence after completing it. This is definitely broken.
I reset my xbox, cleared the save data and did a resynch to the cloud as suggested by support. None of the advise from support helped.
Now all in this red category is broken: Speed trap Hero, Danger Sign hero, Speed Zone, Trailblazer and The drift run.

I just did the Needle Climb seasonal drift 20 minutes ago and got 5000 influence points. The jump was also fine and the speed zone in Lego Valley worked too.


Then it must be a problem with my saves maybe? Or profile?

Edit: speed zone has fixed itself so there is hope I can get the others fixed.