Forza Horizon F-Class

I got on Horizon yesterday to watch my message center, and someone shared an F-Class car. I know that category doesn’t exist on Horizon, and I tried to downgrade the Fiat Abarth 595 esseesse. The best result I have gotten was E-100, but he has F-99. Does anyone know how he did it? Was it a hack?

“Legally”, you can downgrade the class of Ford Escort’s, Range Rover’s, Bowler’s, Supra’s, RX-7’s and other cars because of the turbo glitch, but the you can’t for the Fiat. Explanation?

Detail: it was the Abarth 595, the clown car.

Have you tried adding the intercooler?

I’ll go try that.

On these low classes even the front wing loweres the PI.

Also interresting is the E-class Pontiac Firebird.

I tried that.

Its not a hack, you just need to add things like rear wing, heavier rims ect… it’s a little tricky but can be done…

If you would like I can send you a copy of mine so you can see how it’s set up


That would be appreciated.

OK NP, I’ll be on XBOX in a couple hours I will send it then.


I’m on right now.

Just saying.

I think I was the first to discover this when applying the intercooler glitch to any vehicle that had an aspiration conversion in the game.

You can read the old thread here, it should list just about every car that can be downgraded to a lower class in Horizon (check all the posts):