Forza Horizon Coming To Xbox One..>?? # Awesome Game Btw

They Should Honestly Make Like A Remaster Of This Game It Was Like…Uh…The Beginning Of The Beginning… They Introduced Cars/Culture/Music And FreeRoam I Sprung Up When Heard About This…I Played This Game Offline Because I Lacked Money For Internet :’( Once I Got Online Many People Played It Event though it was 2 /3 years old … Forza Is Life Forza Is Love

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I will admit the first Forza Horizon is still my favorite Forza to date, but It’s too early for a re-master. Just wait until backwards compatibility works with it, then all will be well. Also, why do you capitalize the first letter of every word?

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oK I caN changE

Haha that works too. Whatever works for you, man.