This game will work with Nat Type Strict?
The previous Forza games until forza motorsport 7 work fine with nat strict, but untill today,forza horizon 4 doesn’t connect to multiplayer. This is the only game i have that is impossible to connect to multiplayer. I have other games, for example call of duty, the game is strict and works fine. In my case i don’t have the possibility to acess router to open ports,and do other things. Anyone have solutions for these kind of situations? I live in a building, and i’m connected to Wifi internet of the building. I try with a VPN and Forza horizon 4 doesn’t work. I don’t know if i buy this game or not because of this. To pay 99 dolars and the game doesn’t work 100%, and it’s impossible to get money back. Anyone have a solution? I live in Portugal

Best Regards