"Forza Horizon 5 Servers are Unavailable"

I restarted my game yesterday and once starting back up my seasonal events playlist was put into “offline” with the message that Forza Horizon 5 servers are unavailable and to try again later. Its already been one day and I still cant access the seasonal events as well as clubs, car gifts and other sections. I can still play in online races and events though.
This is making me a bit mad because I cant get the last 2 cars from the season and I dont see anyone else having this same issue, the servers are also fully functional as far as im aware.

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I am having the same connection issue on one of my devices. The other device connects fine. They are on the same network.

I came here looking for answers to the same problem some weeks back…

I had this problem on PC. I hadn’t yet updated the Xbox so couldn’t try there.
Simply sign out of the Xbox App, then launch FH5.
You’ll be prompted to sign in again.
Problem solved.

I didn’t even have the Xbox app but I installed it and did the above.


It worked but I had to sign out while the game was running and I was sitting in the car then got kicked out and logged back in and now finally it’s working again. Thank you so much for the solution.