Forza Horizon 5 Rims Wishlist

What wheels would you like to see in Forza Horizon 5 if they were ever to bring out an update with new rims?

My favorites:

  • BBS LM
  • OZ Futura
  • Hamann wheels should return
  • Gemballa wheels should return
  • More OEM wheels to choose from
  • Deep dish option for rear wheels!!

:point_up:Absolutely good list! :+1:

We need some more Boyd Coddington wheels options please.

This man single handily made the custom wheel market what it is today 40+ plus years later. Doesn’t get enough credit for that imo.

RIP Boyd 1944-2008

Tri Fan

Ninja Blade

The Boydster


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That reminds me that we need more Brabus wheels for Mercedes vehicles :smiley:

Brabus Monoblock II

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It’s a long shot, but it’s mind boggling that Dayton Wire Wheels have never been available after all these years.

Since 1916 Dayton has been in business to current times being synonymously a staple and leader in the low riding community but the roots go even deeper than most know.

The entire starting 1948 Indy 500 field was equipped with Dayton Wire Wheels.

Mauri Rose 1948 Indy 500 Winner

The Wright Brothers even endorsed Daytons and was even onboard when Charles Lindberg made the trip across the Atlantic in the Spirit of St. Louis.

(With Wheel Covers for better Aerodynamics)

Ford, Duesenberg, Packard, Auburn, Cord, Buick (Just to name a few) used Daytons on production models at one point of time.

Even heavy duty Semi-Truck Wheels were manufactured by Dayton.

…but if you truly want the best wire wheels in the world there is no denying Dayton. Simply no substitute. :+1::sunglasses:

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I’m still getting used to this new suggestions forum, but presumably multi-posting is not allowed as in the old wish list threads.
Therefore, I will post a link to what I posted in the Customization discussion thread instead.

Among the things I would like to see are aftermarket rims that mimic wire wheels like Dayton and steel wheels like Rotiform STL.

The FH5 has several center-lock style wheels, many of which were diverted from the FM7 and are intended for modern race cars.
And the only classic style center-lock wheels are either 70s-80s touring car style like BBS or rims for vintage Indy cars like Halibrand.
Just the addition of two wire wheels, one low rider style and one vintage European style, will greatly expand the options for center lock style wheels that we can use on our vintage cars.

And steel-wheel style wheels have the effect of making our cars look poorer.
This can make our cars look lower trim level and looks great when styled like a sleeper.
These wheels also work well with off-road cars.

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SSR MK-1 (Speed Star Racing) Iconic JDM Wheels right here…:+1::sunglasses::wink:

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Hayashi Racing “Bomber”

OZ “Turbo”

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Brock “B1” 90’s balling style

Cragar “Fan Star”

Tom’s Racing “Vesta”

That reminds me, we need to have the American Racing Vector SE:

And also the Mag Turbine wheels:

Because of certain reasons… :slight_smile:

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Wolfrace “E-Type”

Axis “OG Racer-X”

OZ “Futura”

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Borrani wire wheels are obviously the best and need to be added

Halibrand “Kidney Bean”


American Racing “VF479”