Forza Horizon 5 Resolution

So just seen a video of all versions of Forza Horizon 5 and I can say Playground Games has knocked it out the park again on all generations. They all look really good.

Xbox One 1080p. 30fps
Xbox one X 4k 30fps
Xbox Series S 1440p 30fps. Performance Mode. 1080p. 60 fps
Xbox Series X 4k 30 FPS. Performance mode 4k. 60 FPS

What a great finish for forza horizon series on the old gen consoles

Yeah all versions look great, but why isn’t a performance mode for the Xbox One X there?
It’s a real shame.


As always, I guess it’s just a pure marketing matter. Just consider the scenario of having 1X with 4K30PS and perf mode while you try to sell Xbox SS with only 1440p and same perf mode.

Yer that’s the only bit thats not there

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