Forza horizon 5 not working on windows 11

Hello, I come to present my problem is that the forza horizon 5 does not start on my pc and after the initial screen where the playground games logo appears, it stays stopped and leaves the game I have investigated and I see that some people do not This is happening to them with windows 11 but coincidentally I do, I meet all the recommended requirements to run it but I don’t know why it does not start, I have the antivirus disabled when I start it and also I do not have any programs running in the background I decided to try the forza horizon 4 and it actually works wonderfully on my windows 11 pc and there is where I think it is a problem that is only happening to me since a friend who has the same pc does not get this, I ask for help. I have already contacted windows support and they tell me that it is a problem with the game that I send a ticket and wait for an answer

below the information that I can get regarding my error

0xc000001d is the kind of exception code that there is something not right in Windows (does your windows account have administrator priviledges?)
If running FH5 as Administrator doesnt work, try the following.

right click start - and select either command prompt (admin) or powershell (admin)
type the following commands


if that doesnt work. try a clean boot in windows.

I would like to bump this into False Advertising by Turn 10 Studios and Microsoft due to the following website.

[Gaming on Windows 11: Windows Gaming PC & Laptops | Microsoft]
Front and center at the top of this site claiming Windows 11 is best for gaming is a video of Forza Horizion 5.

This game barely functions on Windows 11, has app error crashes, and creates program faults.
Please remove any mention of Forza from Windows 11.
Or… FIX IT!!!